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Punks Against Apartheid is an emerging global network of musicians, artists, and activists inspired by the history and ethics of punk rock. We are opposed to all forms of oppression, exploitation and racism–particularly the. The policies of the Israeli government both in the Occupied Territories and within “Israel proper” towards Palestinians , straight up. We aim to support the Palestinian struggle against it by any means at our disposal.

We urge all artists–especially punks!–to heed the call from the Palestinian people for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions against Israel. We refuse to play in Israel in violation of the Palestinian call for cultural boycott and we refuse to lend our voices to any event seeking to whitewash the reality of apartheid. In approaching essays about an accomplishment or achievement, applicants should focus on stories and projects in which a positive outcome has been accomplished or writing an essays is ensured, as potential successes are not actual ones. Punk has had an important and vibrant history in politicizing its listeners and forming a distinct counter-cultural message against the complacency of mainstream, industry music. During the struggle against apartheid in South Africa, punk bands around the world responded to the call for solidarity. As punks and people inspired by this legacy, we hope to maintain the integrity of that history by expressing our unwavering support for Palestinian resistance to the occupation and convincing our fellow punks to do so as well.

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Viva le punk! Viva Palestina!

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