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It seems to be genuine heretofore. The alone SDK useable from Apple just targets the MacOS environs. I’ve been disorder astir that, but I’m sounding into purchasing a mac now, upright to do iPhone ontogenesis. I actually disapproval what they are doing, and I trust a effective SDK issue for early environments, such as Linux and Windows.

Hither’s an clause astir their cosmopolitan ungoodness regarding the SDK:

Apple’s late released a package maturation kit (SDK) for the iPhone, but if you were hoping to embrasure or break master afford rootage package with it, the intelligence isn’t near. Inscribe signing and nondisclosure weather micturate absolve package a no-go.

The SDK itself is a absolve download, with which you can pen programs and run them on a package simulator. But in fiat to really dismission package you’ve scripted, you mustiness enter in the iPhone Developer Syllabus — a footstep fork from downloading the SDK, and one that requires Apple’s approving.

I remember it’s preferably elitist for them to recall solitary macos users are effective plenty to publish programs for their sound, and the fact you indigence to buy a $100 permission if you deprivation to write your farce, actually makes it more unmanageable for the hobbyist coder. Though, if that’s what you want to do, I’m provision on jump done their basketball; I’d genuinely wish to get about farce highly-developed on my iPhone.

You mightiness be able-bodied to compose encrypt on a Linux box that testament finally discovery itself on an iPhone or iPad, but finally you would pauperism a Mac to quiz or deploy the cypher to the iPhone or to take it to the App depot. So finally you pauperism a Mac, so you power also do the work the Mac too, with all the tools that Apple offer. Thither are alternatives to Xcode Objective-C, such as Monotouch – but these employ the Apple tools too.

You can with roughly oeuvre run OS X in a VM on Linux. Nevertheless I should comment that this testament jailbreak the OSX licence correspondence, tied if you buy the imitate of OSX – as it is but licenced to run on Apple ironware.

Dark to devote you this newsworthiness – the ecosystem some the iPhone/iPad is really tightly controlled.

Blue-pencil: One major exclusion to this is penning a web app for the iPhone. Thither are approximately fantabulous web apps for the iPhone which are nigh as beneficial as exploiter get as a indigene app. Nevertheless I did understand your inquiry to be some indigen app ontogenesis. Web apps, although the exploiter can produce an picture for introduction them – are quieten ‘arcsecond year’ citizens. She’s resorted to using lines from the books have a glance at the link themselves, using song lyrics, and going with her gut instinct.

answered Aug 21 ’11 at 14:07

Thither’s a model called Rhodes.

The construct is based on Crimson on Runway and you acquire your roving app in Crimson and HTML, and you can compose your cypher in a Linux surround. You can so make an invoice at Rhohub. where you add the encrypt (done GitHub ), and it allows you to compose it for iPhone, Blackberry, Humanoid, Windows Wandering and Symbian, all off the like codification. You don’t birth to cypher in Objective-C for iPhone, nor Coffee for Humanoid, etcetera. It does the conversions for you. All you pauperization to do is follow the Rules for creating an iPhone diligence (or the Headphone’s you need to recrudesce for) so it can be recognized at iTunes (or the tantamount commercialise).

This testament permit you to add the app to iTunes besides.

I bear not establish any emulators, withal, which substance that to exam your app you demand to put it on an iPhone, which is a delegation.

I am exploitation this selection as I neediness to produce apps for all phones and I use Crimson on Runway already. If you hardly lack to shuffling an app for an iPhone, so put in a Mac.

Trust this helps.

answered Aug 28 ’11 at 9:58

I’ve had succeeder construction iOS apps on linux victimisation the iOS crash toolchain by cjacker. Fundamentally it consists of the upriver clangour and llvm tools from your linux distro, a linux interface of apple’s linker and roughly supererogatory tools to assist simplify the habitus treat (such as converting xcode projects to Makefile formatting).

It does payoff a few stairs to instal, but you’re a package developer so you’d be secondhand thereto. I posted an capable engagement howto for Debian 7 (Wheezing) on-line:

Differently you need to accompany the generic instructions which are a lilliputian sr. :

answered Apr 3 ’15 at 20:43

You’re correct non-jailbroken phones are express to Apple’s App fund and Apple has the compensate to impose any regulation, it’s whole nonfree dominion. Nonetheless piece underdeveloped, one won’t birth to trade with Apple at all. You can use e. g. rsync to upload the encipher to the gimmick and essay it.

answered Jan 21 ’10 at 22:58

Does this propose master the trouble that Stephen Cox presented? You leave ne’er get your app sanctioned by Apple if it is not highly-developed exploitation Xcode. Ne’er. And if you do nag the SDK to produce on Linux and Apple finds outThanks spell unfeigned Jan 20 ’10 at 18:37

libmobiledevice really has a seemly port to establish applications without needing rsync/ssh on a iDevice. Dwight Spencer Feb 10 ’15 at 16:59

To a sealed extent, yes, it is potential. You can typewrite Objective-C encipher and ready your projects. You can fifty-fifty run the C and C++ parts of your cypher with gcc.

What you cannot do:

  • Use Port Constructor to rig your port, as it’s Mac-only. (Not needed, but recommended. )
  • Accumulate encrypt that uses Apple’s Chocolate classes – they don’t be on Linux.
  • Trial inscribe in the Simulator – thither isn’t one for Linux.
  • Hoard cipher for actual devices or for the App Memory – all this requires tools that Apple lone provides for OS X.

answered Aug 21 ’11 at 14:09


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