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Receive to the Actor SDK for iOS developer support. Hither you bequeath incur the entropy to make indigen apps for playacting tv contented on iOS devices.

At Brightcove, we endeavour to dungeon the corroboration integrated, scavenge and nonrational. Intrinsically, we purchase github READMEs for details on all our plugins and integrations. For your appliance, we’ve listed and joined to these plugins beneath.

  • Automatonlike Citation Enumeration (ARC) is compulsory in your propose. This is the flow nonpayment for Xcode projects.
  • With the waiver of iOS 9 and Xcode 7, a new boast called App Transportation Protection (ATS) was introduced. Discover more roughly Operative with App Conveyance Surety.

Supported versions

In fiat to trespass of the modish engineering improvements from Apple, we presently go reinforcement for the undermentioned:

Alive supporting

Brightcove provides alive backup for the up-to-the-minute iOS SDK on the chase iOS versions:

Peaceful supporting

Brightcove provides inactive keep for the undermentioned iOS versions:

Reason backup levels

Thither are two levels of backup:

  • Fighting. Brightcove volition exam and fix bugs on these OS versions.
  • Inactive. Brightcove bequeath examination on these OS versions, but bug fixes volition be handled on a pillowcase by suit foundation.

Broadly, Brightcove provides participating documentation for the versions of the OS that are put-upon by 80% of the exploiter stand, and peaceful reinforcement for over-the-counter versions victimized by leastways 5% of the exploiter stand.

Acquiring started

Earlier start growing with the Participant SDK for iOS thither are a few concepts you should larn almost:

The stream edition of the Indigene Actor SDK supports acting contentedness from your Television Dapple chronicle done the Playback API, or as outback assets with net approachable URLs.

With the Indigen Instrumentalist SDK, Telecasting Taint customers mechanically get rich analytics information reported in Television Taint.

The Brightcove Musician SDK for iOS and its plugins can be added to your undertaking victimisation the CocoaPods addiction director. Use the modish Brightcove-Player-SDK podspecs.

To aid in your discernment of the SDK, you can obtain a elaborate dislocation of the architecture in the Instrumentalist SDK for iOS. Discover how vital components interact to deal the complexities of controlling the aboriginal telecasting participant.

Hither, you’ll likewise discovery the up-to-the-minute beta variant of the SDK, if one exists.

For a spry overview, larn how the Brightcove Thespian SDK components interact with the aboriginal iOS components.

Union us in the SDK developer forums where SDK related questions are answered by the community and Brightcove engineers. Presently a individual radical, you’ll bear to quest approach, providing details some the propose you’re running on to addition entering.

Panorama a serial of preparation videos that pass you done the stairs of edifice a Fleet app in Xcode that plays a tv from your Tv Defile library.

Download the SDK

The Brightcove Histrion SDK for iOS contains two installing packages:

  • A dynamical model which supports the pursual:
  • iOS 8 and higher
  • tvOS 9. 0 and higher

Get the modish adaptation of the Brightcove Aboriginal SDK for iOS:

or choice this push:

Download the SDK

To purview the production updates for all of the Aboriginal SDKs and the associated plugins, see the Dismissal Notes for the Brightcove Indigen SDKs papers.


The pursual tabularise contains links to get plugins structured with your SDK execution. The plugins can be downloaded from their several Github Repos, and apiece repo contains a elaborated README with instructions on how to apparatus the plugin.

The taste applications shew the canonic functionality of apiece plugin merged with the SDK. These sampling apps are a commodity way to read most apiece plugin, and assist as a reference when debugging.

Brightcove Plugin
(Github Repo)

The pursuit notes name to the integrations in the tabulate supra.

Every fabric has been updated. If you are victimisation the Aboriginal SDK for iOS rendering 5. 1 or ulterior, you moldiness use the pursuit plugin minimal versions:

  • Brightcove FairPlay plugin v1. 1
  • Brightcove Sidecar Subtitles plugin v2. 1
  • Brightcove Drift plugin v2. 1
  • Brightcove IMA plugin v2. 1
  • Brightcove OnceUX plugin v2. 1

Brightcove Widevine plugin v2. 1

Likewise, if you use one of the newer plugin versions, you moldiness use variant 5. 1 or afterwards of the SDK gist fabric.

You cannot choice and prefer single Brightcove plugin versions with pardner plugin versions. You moldiness use the collaborator plugin versions that are specified, as this is what has been tried.

  • When victimization any of these plugins, you moldiness use a minimal deployment aim of iOS 8. 0. One first-year teacher who managed to succeed at managing his classroom is todd can you help me with my homework for https://domyhomework.guru sentell, author of toonamint of champions how lajuanita mumps got to join augusta national golf club real easy a particularly allegorical comedy of real bad manners.
  • [1] The stream variant of the IMA plugin supports Google’s IMA iOS SDK v3. 2. 1, which supports iOS versions 8. 0+. For details, see Google’s corroboration.

    [2] If you are victimization Blue-belly, you mustiness manually add Google’s IMA libraries, alternatively of victimisation CocoaPods. This is because Google’s IMA library does not keep active frameworks, and Blue-belly does not keep edifice still libraries. For details, see the Manual incision of the IMA Plugin for Brightcove Histrion SDK for iOS corroboration.

    [3] The Sidecar Subtitles plugin supports playback o’er AirPlay with captions.

    [4] For details astir holding your subtitles in synchronize, see the Synchronization WebVTT Captions papers.

    [5] A known Apple exit is that FairPlay cyclosis substance volition not be rendered in AirPlay Mirroring fashion. For more details, see the WWDC presentment: Subject Shelter for HLS (whorl some center done the copy).

    [6] The Brightcove Aboriginal SDKs let deprecated supporting for the Widevine Greco-roman consolidation. For details, see the chase annunciation proclamation.

    [7] The flow rendering of the Aboriginal SDK for iOS has the Brightcove musician controls reinforced into it, so you no yearner bear to use this plugin.

    The Widevine, Omniture, and Drift Plugin podspecs are hosted at the BCOVSpecs depository ( p>

    The undermentioned board contains links to codification samples that are in increase to the samples associated with the integrations in the old incision.


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