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It has been on SAP PressitSAP Web Customer: A Comp Template for DevelopersSAP CRM Web Guest Customizing and Developmentchsle. But SAP Imperativeness assured us that thither is board for two such books one for the German and another one for the English speechmaking audiences. english essay writing. So if you favour to scan in German we further you to deterrent SAP Web Guest, again by SAP Pressure.

Those of you conversant with SAP CRM are lots cognisant of the Web Customer UI. Few geezerhood ago the CRM formation figured out that ABAP WebDynpro cannot encounter its particular necessary. As clip was of an perfume, the man in mission of CRM at SAP Bob Stutz (a soul that we all deep respectfulness) distinct that CRM shall recrudesce its own UI fabric. The fabric would be based on the BSP engineering and use about of the architectural principals of Webdynpro. CRM took an existent fabric highly-developed by the Interaction Essence (IC) squad and assembled evolution and merchandise direction teams. Armand, Sanjeet and I were contribution of those teams. This is how we got introduced to the fabric, contributed thereto and finally brutal enamored with it.

So what you testament uncovering therein script? The lecturer volition be walked done diverse growing concepts releted to the Web Node UI model. Beginning we spring a universal overview of the Web Node UI. But as of chapter 2 it becomes crystallise that the leger is largely most underdeveloped applications. We render comp and model based overview of the GenIL and BOL layers. Adjacent we spring the readers the rudiments of the BSP lotion scheduling and how it relates to edifice Web Customer UI components. We masking not alone the bedrock of the UI portion evolution, but likewise search topics similar piloting, popups, lookup helps, etcetera. With that we inaugurate the readers to the foundamentals of the Web Guest UI. Following we enter the client sweetening concepts. The readers leave read how to programatically heighten SAP components. We lento conversion towards the tools that documentation that procedure and enter extensibility, speedy applications and mashups. At the end of these chapters the referee leave be capable to add contentedness to the Web UI without penning a bingle contrast of ABAP encipher. The death chapters trade with groupware integrating and levaraging Watchword and Hustle, collectively CRM Web Services towards adding rate for the end users. The finish chapter deals with roughly left-over and yet real authoritative topics care tax based UI, actions on fields, dealings catapult, seance direction and others. You can see the listing of chapters at the webpage of the leger:

Sustenance in brain that this is quite technological record. The issue presentment constantly revolves some examples. We suffer time-tested to bind one an fanciful use showcase that we apply via unlike techniques. As a resultant, the proofreader is not distrait by the chronicle and can center the execution labor. Sometimes we depart and acquaint former examples but this is comparatively uncommon.

The focalise of the volume is CRM 7. 0 EhP1. This is the up-to-the-minute waiver (from this class) of the Web Node UI model. Thence, we trust that it bequeath be utile fifty-fifty to the CRM gurus just because it covers the newest features.

To resume, if you need to go a CRM developer or are upright funny of this wildcat called the Web Guest UI, go beforehand and get this volume. Thither is a 10% deduction coupon for the SDN users when buying the record from SAP Pressure: WEBCLIENTSDN.

To paper this office you pauperism to login get-go.


You mustiness be Logged on to gloss or answer to a position.

I leave unquestionably buy and likewise intimate to my squad members.

Harshit Kumar

Already arranged, wait for the livery

Splendid exercise and the ledger looks fat with capacity.

Unluckily the transportation guardianship from US to UK is $ 41, when order from SAP Imperativeness :-( . Thus leave deterrent for otc options to get a simulate of this.

BTW not trusted how to call this coupon likewise, could you delight service?

Thats why I consistent it from virago US( alas in virago UK is silence not avaliable) the transportation be is cheaper.

I real liked the existent CRM Web Node Customizing and Growing playscript when I started with CRM developments. It gives a dainty and unclutter overview of the capabilities of the Web UI model. Nowadays I got to interpret the on-line variant of this script and Im real liking it! It does bear around lap with the old playscript but it contains much of new (CRM 7. 0 Ehp1) features and seems fountainhead fit for ripe CRM developers. Heavy job!

I got my simulate in the offset hebdomad of July. A moldiness suffer for any CRM expert adviser. A enceinte volume so.

Thanks for your attempt, I was trenchant for a hold / elaborate data related Web UI for around sentence, volition try to buy this playscript.

Had a take the sampling chapter that is usable of the record (Bear a take SAP-PRESS. DE, it is not availble on the. COM locate for whatsoever cause). Its astir scheming new GenIL components. Though I let chassis one or two already it is constantly near to get around new insights.

Real look onward to approximately ground on EHP1 poppycock

Desire the remainder of the script is as dear. Gonna decree it shortly. Though it is a petty bit sad that I can not use the rebate and get to pay the $ terms in euros which adds 50% to the boilersuit price.

This volition be a expectant service done this playscript.

Thank you so lots: this leger is Gravid. I ve been running on CRM WebUI for more 3 age now and I did not look to study anything new roughly BOL/GENIL programing, UI components, etcetera. but I did All CRM developers (SAP incl. should emphatically take it selfsame cautiously.
Lovesome regards,

this blog contains nexus for the books to concern. But it is improve to denote done virago where we can see initially roughly contentedness related the leger

Drab I was outside and it took me roughly sentence to react to your motion. I moldiness say that recitation this hold requires a self-coloured discernment of ABAP. I would hint that you try not to fasting forwards done the encipher without full covetous it.

Regarding your particular inquiry -you did a erratum. Paginate 116 says that you should shout zcl_booking_backend_api=read_product kinda than zcl_booking_backend_api=read_productS (the indorsement one ends with S). Fundamentally, the encipher in the volume is okay. Read_product expects ES_PRODUCT_ATT of Eccentric ZBOL_BOOK_PRODUCTS_ATT. Read_productS apparently takes a defer: ET_PROD_ATT Typecast ZBOL_BOOK_PRODUCTS_T_ATT.

Ive purchased your playscript and it is a must-read record for CRM proficient developer.

I neediness to ask around CRM_OFFICE_TEMPLATE_BADI taste execution. I wishing to add tradition fields in situation integrating and it seems the recommended way is via implementing this BAdI

The volume didnt commit try cipher / execution for this BAdI. Thithers not any references in SDN assembly either. Could you delight offer the illustration of this BAdI implementatin.

Thank you.

I consider your trouble is not the effectuation of the Badi but the fact that you cannot cut-in the attributes in your papers guide. Set me if I am wrongfulness
What if you try to enter these manually direct character in the subject inside brackets . Let me experience if this plant. Meanwhile, I volition implement with one of the co-authors.

Thank you for your fasting response

Presently I deliver enforced method get_attributes same this

Information: ls_attr Typewrite CRM_KW_TEMP_ATTR,
lt_attr Typewrite CRM_KW_TEMP_ATTR_TAB.
* IF iv_wsname = ZTESTQUO001.
ls_attr-NAME = CustomAddr.
ls_attr-DESCRIPTION = Customs Reference.
Tuck ls_attr INTO Defer lt_attr.
ct_attributes = lt_attr.

and redefined method for get_values too ilk this:

Information: ls_val Typewrite CRM_KW_TEMP_VALUE,
lt_val Typewrite CRM_KW_TEMP_VALUE_TAB.
* IF iv_wsname = ZTESTQUO001.
ls_val-NAME = CustomAddr.
ls_val-VALUE = Sudirman street Twentieth.
Enter ls_val INTO Defer lt_val.
ct_values = lt_val.

Is this decent? And thanks for your hypnotism. I can add the study to the papers:)

Is it potential to suffer customs battleground items victimisation this BAdI (such as intragroup tabularise) and prove the fields in papers as defer (e. g. products figure. cost, quantities per production). If potential. how to hump.

Hi Tzanko Stefanov,

Could you delight let me cognize in the category=method in pageboy 112 ZCL_BOOKINGS_BACKEND_API=READ_BOOKINGS, to which one does intragroup postpone gt_buffer_bookings cite to?

Information LS_BOOK_ATT_N Same Business OF GT_BUFFER_BOOKINGS.

Thanks Regards,


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