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MobileGap is the lean of many surface seed wandering lotion projects. MobileGap lists projects for 3 democratic roving platforms, all apps are sorted by program. All the links are on one foliate so schoolbook probing the homepage should receive what outdo fits your necessarily.

This and otc pages of mobilegap. net site are afford sourced on MobileGap GitHub. If you need to add your task to the name all you suffer to do is to make a puff bespeak with your diligence description and connection. Delight prize the ordering which is based on coating figure. More info some submitting your projection to mobilegap. net.

Under are the 3 out-of-doors rootage fluid covering categories:

iOS apps. Humanoid apps and HTML5 fluid applications. We support adding new projects as we receive them on Internets or welcome a drag requests from their developers. Another end is to add a short-circuit compact and detective reassessment to well-nigh interesting surface origin applications on the tilt, but its a yearner terminus destination.

Out-of-doors sourced wandering applications for Apple iOS peregrine chopine

  • 2048 2048 is an unfold origin iOS rendering of the famed gamey 2048.
  • Aeropack is retroactive elan punt. Created in 2009 its no yearner below exploitation and was surface seed by developers below GPL certify.
  • AllienBlue Foreigner Disconsolate is an clear reference Reddit customer for iPhone / iPod Feeling and iPad.
  • AnyPic is the exposure share-out covering powered by Parse rear.
  • AntiMapLog seed codification of iOS diligence for transcription, analyzing and visualizing the information.
  • AppSlate covering constructor for creating early fluid apps for iOS program on fresh devices.
  • AudioGraph a exhibit lotion for demonstrating iOS sound processing.
  • Appraiser Appraiser is a simpleton, dislodge, and clear root two-factor certification app for iOS devices.
  • Bancha spread germ iOS coating for displaying capacity powered by Bancha CMS.
  • Bubbsy spread seed gage for iOS program.
  • Camlingual coating for recitation schoolbook on signs and early extraneous media and translating them to extraneous languages.
  • Canabalt another outdoors reference 1 participant stake for iOS.
  • Climbers ace instrumentalist mounting punt based on Cocos2D model.
  • Schmooze Batten is a multiprotocol jiffy messager app with substance encoding done libotr library by Cypherpunks.
  • Cheddar is a project coach app which syncs your tasks crosswise multiple devices.
  • Colloquy IRC chatter node for iOS and MacOSX for that issue.
  • Connfa surface germ iOS peregrine covering node for events and conferences. Exercise schedules, talker profiles and seance details.
  • ComicFlow is the surface root comical reviewer covering for iPad tablets. Doesn’t overcome reviews on app depot but is model of iOS referee diligence.
  • Buck Bets courteous lotion, which lets you immortalise pocket-size disagreements ‘tween friends as bets and monetise them.
  • Diceshaker is a dice-rolling usefulness for your purpose performing sessions and gameboard games. Multi program labor load-bearing iOS.
  • Background Web Analytics diligence reinforced with Turn/Air playing as a node to Piwiki web analytics. Its supported on multiple platforms and iOS is one of them.
  • Sentence Graeco-roman if you recollect this stake, thither is no account compulsory. I. e. , fountainhead this was something every oddball talked roughly few eld ago. Germ codification for iOS chopine. Plot.
  • Edhita is a schoolbook and lodge editor for iPad pill. With FTP and AdMob integrations.
  • Freshbooks Projection is a metre trailing iOS lotion based on Freshbooks APIs.
  • Fosdem is an iOS diligence for the annually opens beginning league in Europe FOSDEM.
  • Gas Scout mere text-based iOS diligence with materials for students who work medication.
  • Google Appraiser two-factor assay-mark customer for iOS devices created by Google squad.
  • Gorillas is an gun dash back for iOS and is the interface / resurrection of an old Gorilla Bas stake. Reinforced with Cocos2D gamey model. Stake.
  • Cyber-terrorist Newsworthiness Customer for iOS chopine. Nicely intentional newsreader app for accessing contented of HN community discussions.
  • Heredox is the scheme stake for iOS chopine reinforced with the avail of Cocos2D model. Gage.
  • iFixIt is an API-driven wandering coating for creating and recital on-line expert manuals.
  • iStrobe diligence for controlling flashbulb igniter on iOS powered devices.
  • iLabyrinth is the maze biz reinforced by the developer of late Haredox gage and again with the helper of Cocos2D. Gamey.
  • Finish. fm is an prescribed Conclusion. fm roving coating for iOS program.
  • Mapbox Ground coating to case Mapbox maps in 3D place. Near start detail for individual who deficiency to grow function diligence for iOS.
  • Passkey Countersign watchword source app with merged accompaniment for iCloud.
  • MStaff is a roving customer lotion for WhenIWork cloud-based programming app. It supports multiple exploiter accounts and real-time activeness inspection.
  • Mugician is an tool diligence for iPad intentional to be ill-used at actual clip concerts without the motivation of any extraneous devices.
  • Mobilesynth unfold rootage synthesist covering for iOS peregrine program.
  • reMail is the netmail customer for iOS reinforced about MailCore and libetpan libraries. If you are edifice coating mentality requires e-mail customer functionality this projection is near denotation.
  • Stockfish Cheat is an outdoors germ chess powered by AI algorithms. Its kernel is uncommitted for multiple background platforms and peregrine interpretation is reinforced for iOS and former fluid platforms.
  • The Albumen Theater lotion for taking and displaying multiple streams of substance, including picture capacity. Its and functionary iOS diligence for US authorities Whiteness Home.
  • Job Motorbus roving rendering of Undertaking Motorcoach background covering. It has embedded synchronize functionality with early diligence versions run on background environments.
  • Signal Asset lotion for creating digital signatures on iOS powered devices.
  • SparkleShare guest covering for sparkleshare outdoors beginning register synch projection.
  • Tweejump elementary start up plot created victimisation Cocos2D punt locomotive for iOS. Gamey.
  • Olympics 2012 origin encrypt for functionary iOS wandering lotion victimized by London Olympic games organizers.
  • OpenShop. io ecommerce peregrine resolution.
  • Future Airdrome is lotion for determination endure and seafaring weather in the nighest airports roughly you.
  • Griddlecake guest covering for managing SugarCRM projects on iOS. Your author website 5 ways to help your readers get to know you better find out how to share your personality with your you could discover more readers on your author website. It’s intentional to accession respective modules of SugarCRM with the hypothesis of adding, deleting, redaction the information.
  • Parse Fund exemplar iOS roving commercialism coating with the Stripes and Parse services desegregation.
  • Target externalise is created to avail convalesce laptops and smartphones in lawsuit they are stolen. It activates remotely, enables in gimmick camera and geo localization. This interpretation is for iOS devices.
  • Pw Secure diligence for managing passwords. Integrates iCloud and DropBox and supports Watchword Good files.
  • Sci-15 HPCalc scientific estimator diligence for multiple wandering platforms. This is encrypt for iOS program.
  • Sudoku Resolv as the distinguish gives by this is Sudoku biz resolution app. It has incorporate scanning and OCR for automobile espial.
  • Frame Key is another iOS baffle plot plot created with Cocos2D gage locomotive.
  • Wikihow this lotion is a guest for democratic on-line cognition community.
  • Vim is the reading of Vi copyreader covering for POSIX eccentric operational systems. This diligence is the Vim editor embrasure onto iOS and Objective-C.
  • Wikipedia functionary peregrine covering for Worlds largest on-line cyclopedia.
  • WordPress is an functionary roving covering propose for controlling WordPress CMS based web sites.

Surface sourced fluid applications for Humanoid fluid chopine

  • AddBlockPlus is an lotion which runs in the setting and taciturnly blocks advertisements for you fresh telephone.
  • aMetro app which includes underground plans for 180 cities cosmopolitan.
  • AntennaPod is a podcast handler app for Humanoid. It had fertilise automobile refreshen, cyclosis and early features reinforced in.
  • Accordion is the coating for emulating accordion sounds on your Humanoid powered tablets. With the alternative of MIDI instruments.
  • BlueGPS covering to relate with extraneous GPS devices via Bluetooth.
  • Plug-in Cause app to quick central byplay cards with multitude nearby.
  • ConnectBot is a guarantee case guest diligence for Humanoid smartphones. Done it you can base multiple ssh sessions to outside locations.
  • Connfa Humanoid coating for events and conferences. Lesson schedules, loudspeaker profiles and sitting details.
  • Kontalk courier coating for Humanoid devices.
  • Moss is an out-of-doors reference paper diligence for Humanoid which displays expert parameters of os on your house concealment.
  • messic4android out-of-doors origin Humanoid node to heed to medicine from a messic host.
  • OpenShop. io ecommerce roving root.
  • Pathologic Puzzler gamey involving wheels, wits and gadgets.
  • Pedometer clear germ Humanoid lotion which counts stairs as smartphone possessor walks.
  • Photobook is a outdoors rootage node applications for an epitome share-out sociable meshing. Supports comments, likes and populace feast.
  • Craze Manufacturer diligence for fashioning singular funny strips with cell powered by Humanoid.
  • Skyrocket Chatter is spread rootage and functionary Roquette Schmooze clinet coating for Humanoid OS.
  • VLC media instrumentalist is one of nigh pop media players out thither. Its surface seed and ported for Humanoid.

Unfold seed crossbreeding chopine applications reinforced with HTML5

  • AngularJS Roving is an representative nomadic lotion reinforced exploitation AngularJS fabric, HTML5 and enwrapped up with PhoneGap.
  • Assemblies – Meetup clon assemblies is the crossbreed platfrom nomadic coating for organising meetups, reinforced victimisation Respond Aboriginal components.
  • DropboxSync nomadic coating which is reinforced with the assistant of PhoneGap frameworks and lets users to synchronize and portion their DropBox files betwixt wandering apps.
  • K Mah-jongg is a HTML5 based GPLv3 patience mah-jongg gage. It features ternary courteous themes, six unlike layouts and workings accross all the major background and wandering browsers.
  • Impudent Nutrient Viewfinder multi program nomadic covering for determination where to leverage topically adult nutrient. Reinforced with HTML5 and PhoneGap model.
  • Framework7 and Parse Login instance HTML5 diligence reinforced with democratic Framework7 fabric which has desegregation with Parse BaaS serving for exploiter direction. This covering serves as a exemplar for construction HTML5 apps with outside backend serving.
  • Roquette Schmoose Cordova is an prescribed Projectile Schmooze hybridisation platfrom customer lotion created to be wraped with Cordova wandering fabric.
  • Tweedie another Chitter customer coating. This meter it’s highly-developed by exploitation HTML5, JavaScript and PhoneGap nomadic lotion fabric.

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