Mar 252013

Punks Against Apartheid likes to announce new members of our network, even though we’ve missed a few here and there. Our members include bands, solo artists, filmmakers, and others active in punk cultural production. And by the way, if you or your band haven’t signed on to said points of unity, then what the hell are you waiting for?

And so, in that spirit, we’d like to welcome the newest member artists of PAA: All Torn Up and Huasipungo out of NYC and Action Sedition from Montreal! If you haven’t listened to these bands but are a fan of good, tight, streetwise punk rock that seeks to tear down borders, then do yourself a favor and go do it right now.

There’s definitely something symbolic in announcing all three of these excellent bands at the same time. Two cities are represented here, both with their own particular and solid contribution to the history of hardcore and street punk. But these bands are also burrowing from within not one but two countries — Canada and the United States — each with their own particular histories of racial genocide and imperialism. Three languages are represented among them: English for All Torn Up, Spanish for Huasipungo, and French for Action Sedition.

There’s a trite and tired saying that music breaks down borders, but when it’s punk rock, a sound that has been animated by resistance to alienation and exploitation from its very beginnings, then it’s hard to deny the wisdom of such a saying. And so it’s only fitting that these three bands be welcomed into the fold of punk rock solidarity with the Palestinian resistance to colonialism and apartheid. Welcome friends!

Viva le punk! Viva Palestina!

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