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We at Punks Against Apartheid are all about supporting our peoples’ projects, whether it’s noisy rebel music or noisy rebel literature! So, we are proud to announce the launching of super multi-talented awesome PAA member Sabina England‘s book, Urdustan!

Urdustan is a series of short stories featuring South Asian characters who lead different lives in different countries around the world. Sabina writes:

Urdustan is a book for my people: punks, outcasts, rejects, Desi punks, Taqx peeps, Deafies, misfits, losers, geeks, whores, and for the unpopular kids in school that everyone hate and pick on and beat up at the playground. Especially for the brown ones.

Urdustan contains seven stories, each from different perspectives but unified under the themes of identity & living in the margins. As Jean Marc of the Kollector blog writes, hers is a kind of insurgent writing that bucks expectations of her from either side of the cultural divides she straddles:

…she doesn’t play the game right: as a Desi…some might expect a docile woman, waiting to fill in the shoes that have been carved for her by traditions, centuries of ways of doing/being. No way, no way, she’s a strong opiniated woman with ideas, dreams and behaviors that will set your world and hers in fire if you don’t look twice and see all the superb humanity, the warm Understanding and the Love behind it all.

When we first got to know Sabina, it was during our campaign to get Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine to cancel their show in Israel, for which she made a very powerful video. Since then, we have collaborated frequently, and we are super excited to get our hands on this and read it to pieces, and hope you all can support her work and check it out too!

Sabina’s new book is only available from Lulu.com. You can follow some of Sabina’s own thoughts on the novel on her The American Dream is Dead blog. Purchasing Urdustan from the link above supports both Sabina and Punks Against Apartheid.

Up the punx,

Punks Against Apartheid

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