Jun 122011

PACBI just released its official appeal to Jello Biafra:

You write that you hope your performance will help bring down Israel’s colonial wall.  Let us assure you it will hurt the persistent, years-long popular, non-violent struggle against the wall. All the popular committees struggling against the wall are part of the BDS movement and have called on their supporters to respect our boycott guidelines as a means to support their/our struggle.  Crossing our boycott picket line will only contribute to Israel’s arrogance of power and impunity.

Please cancel your show and come and learn about the situation first.  It seems like the more logical thing to do if one really wants to learn about a situation.

Punks Against Apartheid hopes that Jello will understand the gravity of this situation and respect PACBI’s call for solidarity with the oppressed Palestinian people.

In case Jello and his bandmates aren’t familiar with the popular, non-violent struggle against the apartheid wall to which PACBI is referring, they can learn about it the website of the Bi’lin Popular Committee.

Although you will learn along with your children as you watch the student dvds with them, nothing replaces what you will gain from the teacher course
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