Jun 212011

Hey everyone,

So it looks like Jello decided to make his group’s page private–meaning we can no longer leave comments. But if anything, it tells us something: that we’re being heard. As always with acts of protest, half of the battle is getting people to pay attention, and we’re willing to bet Jello’s paying attention by now!

Our beloved Remi Kanazi, diligent rabblerouser, came up with a solution, however: to post on his personal fan page.

“I know it may seem silly,” he wrote to us, “but signing a petition or posting a note on someone’s wall, especially those with smaller followings, DOES make a difference & does lead to artists canceling their gigs. So please post a positive message asking Jello to cancel.”

In other news, we’re almost at 1,000 signatures on the petition. We can totally get 1,000–and even more! We’re 11 days away from the show

Keep your eyes peeled for more updates from P.A.A. We’ve got some awesome stuff in the works!

Obviously, whether or not you should go this route depends heavily on your specific needs and preferences
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