Jun 162011

Jello Biafra

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We, the undersigned, strongly urge Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine to cancel their gig in Tel Aviv. As people who have taken the music and words of Jello Biafra to heart, we believe that going forward and performing in Israel–in defiance of the Palestinian call for cultural boycott–would fly in the face of everything he has stood for.

Playing in Israel and bringing your art to Israeli performance spaces only serves to bolster that country’s apartheid regime–this is true no matter the genre, how big the show is, or whether or not it has government backing. But it’s especially true for punk, with its long and storied history of counter-cultural and political messages! At the very least, the Israeli media will score propaganda points from your visit: after Elvis Costello, Gil Scott-Heron, the Pixies, and more have cancelled, your show would send a message to other artists from around the globe that breaking the picket line is a viable option.

That’s precisely what this is: a picket line. The call for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) has been backed by the largest coalition of civil society groups in Palestine, of which Peace Now is decidedly not a part. It is a call supported by Palestinian people living in Israel, in the occupied territories, and throughout the Palestinian diaspora, encompassing a wide variety of ideologies and beliefs–from international law makers, Nobel Peace Prize winners, trade unions, journalists, Israelis, artists, and yes, musicians. Just as crucially, BDS has the potential to put an end to Israel’s systematic dispossession of Palestinians. But only if the call is honored!

Jello, you didn’t play in apartheid South Africa. You pointedly turned down invitations to do so because the call to boycott had gone out from South Africans fighting for equality. And this, in aim, is no different: Archbishop Desmond Tutu himself has endorsed the cultural boycott, and if anyone knows what apartheid looks like–and how to resist it–it’s him!1

By all means, go to Palestine and see for yourself; you don’t need to rely on blood money to do that. We will all help you go when the occasion arises. For now, we implore you, once again, to cancel your “Holiday in Tel Aviv!”

*This petition is no longer available for signing. Thank you for your support and if you are just visiting us for the first time now we are happy to announce that Jello did in fact cancel his gig in Tel Aviv.*


  1. Remi Kanazi, poet, New York City
    “If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.” South African Archbishop Desmond Tutu, supporter of the Palestinian call for a cultural boycott of Israel
  2. David Cronin, Journalist and campaigner, Belgium
  3. Max Blumenthal, BK
    In the spirit of Tijuana No’s Luis Guerena, who was a friend to both of us, don’t do it!
  4. Alexander Billet, music journalist, Chicago, Illinois
  5. Ryan Harvey, Riot-Folk / Civilian-Soldier Alliance, Baltimore, MD
  6. Annemarie Jacir, Filmmaker, Palestine
  7. Jay Cassano, activist and writer, Istanbul, Turkey
    Jello, I’ve been a long time fan of yours and DK and I’ve alway admired how you’ve kept a social mission since your DK days. Some friends and I used to run a collective independent punk record label and DK was a huge inspiration for our politics. It’s incredibly disheartening that you plan to play a show in Tel Aviv in defiance of the Palestinian people’s call for BDS.
  8. Alex Cachinero-Gorman, freelance translator and activist, Western Massachusetts
    Everything you taught me, Jello, I see being relativised. Your hoarsely-shouted messages meant a lot to more than one lonely wayward youth and helped redirect their anger towards the people you should be mad at: your government and the powers that be, rather than yourself or the folks around you. So please, at least be consistent! Do not entertain, literally or figuratively, the last prominent colonial settler state in the world, only to regret it later when you realise you’ve been had!
  9. Brian Van Slyke, social justice educator, Massachusetts
    I’m a founding/former member of a collective punk record label that was dedicated to building bridges between punk music and social justice movements. Breaking the picket line isn’t punk. Playing for apartheid, occupation, and colonization isn’t punk. Standing in solidarity with those resisting oppression through the BDS movement is incredibly punk.
  10. Adam Jung, Intern at Gold Village Entertainment, Promoter for UXO Tour, Tent State University Music Festival to End the War, and a number of Jello’s shows. Friend of Jello.
  11. Come on mate. Your concert will be used by Israeli media. Play the West Bank if you want to learn first hand.

  12. Hannah Mermelstein, librarian, activist, Brooklyn, NY
  13. Sharen Green, Wimborne, UK
  14. Martial Kurtz, Palestine Solidarity Campaign, London, UK
    I have been listening to Jello and DK since the early 80′s, this is what got me into thinking critically in the first place! I am involved in the Palestine solidarity movement for over 10 years and the news that Jello is going to gig in israel makes my stomach turn everytime i think about it. Jello dont do it! you dont have to! if you want we can find the money for you to go independently and find out what its like to live under apartheid behind the wall!!! MK
  15. Zoe Lawlor, Ireland
    Why would you ignore the Palestinian call to boycott Jello? They can tell you all about apartheid.
  16. Kate, UK
  17. Eleanor Kilroy, London, UK
  18. David Landy, Lancaster
  19. Jonathan Scott, Plano, Illinois
    I am in the band Doleful Lions and the last place I would ever play is Israel, until they stop the occupation and the killing of innocents. Don’t let Jello’s excuses confuse you, about going on a “fact finding mission”, Jello knows what he is doing and I don’t approve. Please Jello reconsider.
  20. Cihan Tekay, Turkey
  21. Joe Catron, International Solidarity Movement, Besieged Gaza, Occupied Palestine
  22. Rónan Nolan, Dublin
  23. t de boer, netherlands
  24. Raymond Deane, musician, Ireland
  25. hira nabi, third world newsreel, new york city
  26. dcj esseboom, The Netherlands
    if u want to play why not give a benefit for the Palestinians and the children of Gaza
  27. Diana Neslen, UK
  28. Francesca Viceconti, Free lance visual/mixed media artist, London
  29. seamus o nuallain, Tipp2Palestine, Ireland
  30. Jack Traver, Louisiana
    Don’t sell out to apartheid and ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians
  31. Rónán Burtenshaw, Student, Dublin, Ireland
  32. Seamus Quaide, Ireland
  33. John McDonald, Chicago
  34. Brian O’Connor, Canada
  35. Chad Augur, Oakland, CA
    Jello, really, does it take a million fans saying “Fuck You” to get our point across, because if it does, then you have just lost a million fans.
  36. van dyck geert, belgium
  37. Mary Scully, Texas, USA
    One gig for apartheid will destroy the honorable reputation you have acquired in years of siding with the oppressed.
  38. Fhar Miess, Washington, DC
  39. Paul Boulton-Bland, Freelance, Amsterdam Netherlands
    Just do not do it! would you have played South Africa?
  40. Sylvia Posadas, Writer, Australia
    Jello, from the bottom of my loyal punk heart, I ask you to choose the side of punk, the side that says no to betrayal of oppressed people and compromise with powerful brutalisers, racists and propaganderists. Please don’t let the Palestinian people down! Your voice and theirs will be more than the sum of the parts if you stand with them. Please don’t sell us all out.
  41. Lanie Anderson, United States
  42. Graeme Kirkpatrick, academic, UK
  43. martin o’quigley, IPSC, ISTG, Dublin
    play in Palestine instead,let your Israeli fans see what life is like under occupation.
  44. ahmet, istanbul
  45. Mary Rizzo, translator / art restorer, Italy
  46. Terry, Hampshire SJP, Amherst
  47. sarah colborne, palestine solidarity campaign, london
  48. Tony Al Khalil, Leeds, UK
  49. Kathy Zarur, Arts, United Arab Emirates,
  50. David, Adalah-NY, NYC
  51. sainatee suarez, violinist/philly IAC, Philadelphia, PA
  52. Ricardo Sajor and Colin Ward, London
    Please, Please support the boycott of Israel and do not perform in Tel Aviv until Palestine is FREE
  53. Miranda Pennell, filmmaker, London
    Stand with the oppressed.
  54. Sean Clinton, Limerick, Ireland
    Hey Jello, how many pieces of silver did it take to make your turn a blind eye?
  55. Joshua Stephens, Brooklyn, NY
  56. Rula Nadji, Japan
    Palestine is the case … PLAY PALESTINE
  57. Linda Jansen, Seattle
  58. Eva Milan, italian indierock musician, Rome, Italy
    Jello, this doesnt make sense!! Visit Gaza, go see with your eyes, boycott Israel!!!
  59. anne silver, California
    Dear Jello, Justice is justice-it is no more complicated or multi-faceted in this situation than any other. Israel is the oppressor and must be held accountable. Palestinians’ human rights must be recognized and restored-please support them in this crucial struggle.
  60. adam smith, los angeles, california, usa
  61. peter sholy, Business Consultant, USA and Qatar
  62. Madalena Santos, PhD Student Sociology, Ottowa On CAN
  63. saba, activist/artist, usa
    Please join the growing number of artists with a conscience. Israel is involved in Racist /Apartheid policy. Land theft and human rights violations towards the indigenous Palestinians. Please respect the call for Palestinians to Internationally boycott, divest, sanction Israel for it’s severe disregard for international law and humanity.  Other artists have played in West Bank and Gaza. Make sure you visit the occupied territories and a refugee camp or two.
  64. Vickie Mansour, Chicago
    Whatever your politics, supporting a racist entity is wrong.  Whatever your religion, supporting a genocidal machine is wrong.  Stealing is wrong.  Rape is wrong.  Murder of children is wrong.  Poisoning is wrong.  Israel is wrong.
  65. jon k, international socialist organization, chicago
  66. Jalal, pal
  67. Bill Mazza, NYC, USA
  68. Matthew Hayek, Research Assistant
    Jello, please cancel your performance to send a clear message to Israel that occupation and apartheid are not okay. As someone who grew up listening to your music, which has catalyzed my involvement in my own DIY punk community for over 10 years, I would be deeply saddened and outraged by your appearance in Tel Aviv.
  69. Mark Gunnery, member of Riot Folk Collective, Baltimore, USA
  70. SEHILI, BDS France, France
  71. Dave Rendle, West Wales
    I have all your music, love your work, admire your voice tremendously, however I feel your upcoming to be completely misguided. Please reconsider. heddwch/peace
  72. Ohal Grietzer, New York
  73. Axel Haldin Lindmark, Sweden
  74. Henry Sanford, Brooklyn
  75. Kevin Squires, IPSC, Ireland
  76. Leah, Canada
    Really, Jello? I would have expected more.
  77. Gavrilo Petrovic, Student, Serbia, Belgrade
  78. louis, music producer, spain
    Since retiring from producing tours, musical theater, I’ve spent my time using music and the arts to promote human rights and world peace. I’m sure we can replace the tel aviv gig into Palestine or Gaza
  79. Hind, Musician, Jordan
  80. Adam, Musician, Fort Wayne
  81. Barnaby Dellar, Scotland
    You don’t oppose apartheid by playing gigs to the white minority and pretending that South African white society can ignore the problem. You don’t oppose Israeli Occupation by playing gigs to Israelis and pretending that they can ignore the occupation.
  82. ahsen, Turkey
  83. Justin, Canada
  84. James Birmingham, United States
  85. tina kounelas, chicago, il
  86. Mike Tulley, Edmonton, AB, Canada
  87. Kathleen Brown, Educator, Philadelphia
    Boycott Israel now!
  88. William L. Rogers, Underemployed drafter, Knoxville, TN USA
  89. emer, dublin
  90. Jonathan Rochkind, Baltimore, MD
    Not what I expect of Jello Biafra. Caring about the money or career about personal adventure more than about injustice and political movements. Come on, man. I feel betrayed.   If you want to go on a ‘fact-finding mission’, you can do that. You just can’t take money for performing in Israel, or you’re effectively crossing a picket line as a scab.
  91. Daryl, SJP, Chicago
  92. Jim Plank, Chicago, IL
  93. Dan O’Reilly-Rowe, Educator, Sydney, Australia
  94. Nadeem, Student, United Kingdom
  95. Sabina England, Artists Against Apartheid, USA
    Please stop entertaining apartheid!
  96. Richard Allen, United States
  97. William Nassar, Leftist Composer and Political Singer, Canada
  98. Nihal, Amsterdam
  99. Paul Catterall, United Kingdom
  100. andrew phillips, Solidarity Notes Labour Choir Vancouver BC, vancouver bc DOA & JOEY SHITHEAD LAND
  101. Damaris Cortes, Puerto Rico
  102. Mark E. Smith, San Diego CA USA
    A shame to ruin your good name but if you’re determined to sell out I hope Israel gives you a lot of those blood diamonds they plunder from the Congo so everyone can see what you sold out for.
  103. Addis Bugg, Rock Bottom Soundsystem, Seattle
  104. Kyla Klein, Chicago IL
    Would you have played in South Africa?  For shame.
  105. Mya Guarnieri, writer, Tel Aviv, Israel
  106. John Porter, Glasgow
  107. Chris osmond, UK
    as someone who has been to plenty of punk gigs in support of those fighting the occupation, and as an anarchist I say… don’t go. Join the boycott
  108. Gerard Barron, Ireland
    Please do not support Apartheid.
  109. Stephanie Westbrook, web designer, activist, and writer, Rome, Italy
  110. Tom Axtell, London
  111. Craig Higgins, Lubbock, TX
    I first heard “Holiday in Cambodia” on some guy’s cheap tape player in boarding school around 1982 or so.  One of the reasons I picked up the guitar was because bands like the Dead Kennedys and X made it seem so cool.  I took Jello and Henry Rollins and the rest of the punk/hardcore ideologues to be people who meant what they said about politics and the role of music in the political sphere, and it’s safe to say that my own ideas about politics and the world were largely shaped by that formative period.  COMMENT: Jello,        I remember reading an interview of yours years ago where you trashed X because of their more commercial offerings, the implication being that you and your bands would never stoop so low.  I read your explanation for playing Israel the other day and had a hard time controlling the urge to laugh like a hyena.  I’m too old to have my heart broken by another betrayal of the old punk ethos like what you’re doing in playing Tel Aviv, but if you have any self-respect left you will reconsider.  You want to do something punk rock? Play Gaza.  The people there most likely understand the words to your songs better than you do at this point.
  112. Jeff Monaghan, Ottawa
  113. Kathleen Jamaa
  114. Haneen, Palestinian-American, USA
  115. Raja Bisharat, San Francisco
  116. tbrown, journalist, london
    I would admire your courage to take a stand and refuse to go
  117. H. Sibtain, artist/performer, London
  118. Michael McCormick, Builder, Derry
  119. Tali Shapiro, Israel (the wrong side)
  120. Scott Campbell, Oaxaca
  121. Kate O Sullivan, Writer, Ireland
  122. Michael A. Weber, Nonprofit Director, Washington, DC
    I have played in multiple small punk bands in Los Angeles, Olympia (WA), and Washington, DC. I have also booked shows in all those cities, recorded/produced bands’ demos for them, and I attend dozens of shows and concerts each year, including seeing Jello Biafra in 2010 in DC.
  123. Sara Schroeder, Des Plaines, IL
  124. Rory Fanning, Chicago
    Don’t support apartheid
  125. Serena Himmelfarb, Artist, Chicago, IL
  126. Beast Mazique Salih, performance artist, activist, Students for Justice in Palestine, Oakland, CA
    Self expression is vital. Solidarity is essential. Punk has been such a huge part of my life and it is nothing without strong politics. Sit out of Israel’s art scene with me, Jello, listen to what the Palestinian people have expressed.
  127. Andrew Spooner, London
    Be interested to find out how much he is getting paid for this.
  128. Ivan Drury, Activist, writer, former Manner Farm singer, Vancouver, Unceded Coast Salish Territories
    “Jello Biafra on the screen today, convince the liberals it’s okay… all systems go and kill the poor tonight.”   Jello, it’s not too late to save your anti-imperialist legacy from becoming a pathetic joke.
  129. Laila, Student, Phoenix
  130. Yasmin Hamidi, United States
    Please respect the Palestinian people’s call for a boycott until apartheid ends!
  131. Joel Vugteveen, Chicago
  132. James McDowell, Canada
    Wow can’t even believe you are thinking about doing this. A loyal fan for years, maybe not anymore.
  133. Mohammad Fadel, Professor, Toronto, Canada
  134. Kyle Goen, Artist, Brooklyn
    Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine,  If you have any interest in going to Palestine check out Existence Is Resistance. they are a grassroots organization that organize musical tours and workshops through the West Bank. Their focus is Hip Hop, but they will work with any band who want to see first hand what the occupation of the Palestinian people looks like.  in solidarity.  About EIR: Existence Is Resistance is an internationalist organization determined to promote non-violent resistance through cultural arts. In our work we use the arts as a means of expression and liberation of marginalized peoples throughout the world with a focus on connecting to the situation of occupied Palestine. http://www.existenceisresistance.org
  135. Dena, librarian, vermont
  136. Bill Cotter, USA
  137. shachaf polokow, Israel
  138. Patrick Hayes, Ireland
    Spent 7 months in West Bank. You are fake and/or fraud if you play Tel Aviv
  139. Existence is Resistance, New York
  140. Scott Girvan, United States
  141. Mike Stifle, International Socialist Organisation, Chicago
  142. Sally Goldman, Arkansas, USA
  143. kim mazza, San Francisco, Ca
  144. Frank Barat, Activist, London
    This decision will affect how you’ll be remembered Jello. Trust me.
  145. Eva Ferrero, Jerusalem/Israel
  146. Zahra Pilavdzic, California, USA
    Don’t normalize apartheid; boycott!
  147. Alaa Hijaz, California
  148. yara, student, palestine
  149. rokaya, student, palestine
  150. Carole Ramsden, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Chicago, IL
  151. Baker Milbes, USA
  152. Andrew Felluss, Music Producer-Engineer, Founder of Radian Records, and Organzer with Artists Against Apartheid NYC, NYC
    thanks for organizing this!  I assume Jello Biafra would support the BDS campaign if he knew more about it.  There are many ways to visit and even perform without breaking the boycott. But honoring the boycott is 1st priority, as it doesn’t take much but a little awareness that this is the organized, inclusive, non-violent strategy put forth by the oppressed in a situation of colonial apartheid.  Our external conceptions about what is best for the Palestinian struggle should not involve crossing their picket line.
  153. Maggie Yasona, Miami, FL, USA
  154. Kareema Saab, A/R Coordinator, Philadelphia, PA
    Please stand with Palestine. Your stance makes more of a difference than you know.
  155. Ronald Ashmore, USA
  156. Eric AntiFa, Worker, Chicago
    Don’t do it Jello!
  157. Manar, United States
  158. Yasmeen Ar-Rayani, New York, New York
  159. Joseph Shahadi, Artist, Brooklyn, NY
  160. Kelly, Massachusetts
  161. Brian Reese, Phoenix Arizona
    Jello I expected more from you. Or is it ok to beat the Palestinians down?
  162. elizabeth gentry, Boston
    I would be so stoked if you were in on this, Jello
  163. Amjad Doumani, Media Decompression Collective, Toledo, Ohio
  164. Nadera Haifa, Palestine
  165. M. carey, NJ, USA
  166. Kaitlyn, MA
  167. Jean Perry, Boston, MA
  168. Fatima Rinawi, Student, New York
  169. Rick Albee, USA
  170. Randy K, Princeton Committee on Palestine, Princeton, NJ
  171. Laser Peles, Isra-hell
  172. Cristina Nassar, Puerto Rico
  173. Erik, student, new york
  174. Sammy Haddad, student, State College, PA
  175. Yasir Diab, New York
  176. eric o., activist. anarchist., Chicago
    i have lost respect for you, Jello, for even considering doing this.
  177. Tyler Linster, Iraq Veterans Against the War, Veterans for Peace, Boston, MA
  178. Jillian Fleckenstein, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
    Please do the right thing!
  179. Louisa Rachel Solomon, THE SHONDES, Brooklyn, NY
  180. Daniel Konecky, Roslyn new york
  181. Melody Buck, Baltimore, MD/ San Francisco, CA
  182. bidi choudhury, wild isle, nyc
  183. jason, usa massachusetts
  184. Ryan Branagan, Pitt Students for Justice in Palestine, Pittsburgh
    “Apartheid is a crime against humanity. Israel has deprived millions of Palestinians of their liberty and property. It has perpetuated a system of gross racial discrimination and inequality. It has systematically incarcerated and tortured thousands of Palestinians, contrary to the rules of international law. It has, in particular, waged a war against a civilian population, in particular children…The response made by South Africa to human rights abuses emanating from the removal policies and apartheid policies, respectively, shed light on what Israeli society must necessarily go through before one can speak of a just and lasting peace in the Middle East and an end to its apartheid policies.” – Nelson Mandela
  185. moe ali, Lebanon
  186. Neil Roberts, Journalist / member, National Union of Journalists, London
  187. Dima Abi Saab, New York
  188. luke charles, wales
  189. Katy Escobar, SJP at UCI, Irvine, CA
  190. Kifah, California
  191. Lina Elzayyat, Student, AZ, USA
  192. Ryan Nanni, International Socialist Organisation, Chicago
  193. Tareq Mahmud, New York, NY
  194. Ghassan hussein, Muslim Students Association, California
  195. Vicki Conrad, Doula, Berkely, CA
  196. zainab al-shariff, london
  197. Ian Chinich, Graduate Student, Boston
    “Oh once I was young and impulsive, I learned to take every view…”
  198. mora mansour, london
  199. Fatima i, belgium
    Love,justice,peace for ALL!!!!!
  200. Mollie Detmers, Boston, MA
  201. William Hattar, nonprofit, New York, NY
  202. James Manos, Chicago
  203. enrico, journalist, Paris
  204. Camillia shofani, NYU-SJP, New York, NY
    Your music has always inspired me to be socially conscious and interminably critical of government policies. So go tell those Israeli punks to FUCK OFF.
  205. Jayson Anton, Chicago, IL
  206. Mk Davis, International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network, Chicago, IL
  207. Roisin Ni Sheac, Ireland
  208. Daro Behroozi, Columbia Students for Justice in Palestine, Brooklyn
  209. Alisa Klein, Massachusetts, USA
  210. shadya, cannes/france
  211. Cindy Newman, Designer, Los Angeles
  212. Norah Shaban, Student, New York
  213. Dougie Laing, Visual Artist, Glasgow
  214. Yael Kahn, DPAI, London
    Jello, your chosen partner: “Peace Now wants to collaborate with Lieberman”, so don’t you see “how the Netanyahu government could manipulate this event for their own purposes”? The Peace Now “activists asked Ayalon if the Foreign Ministry could cooperate with Leftist circles in its hasbara … efforts in Israel and abroad – in a bid to present Israel as a pluralist country that allows for a variety of opinion”. Jello, you’re a savvy activist, yet you tell us you’ve “been part of Peace Now for years”.  So either you’re in cahoots with your partner on this Hasbara venture, or now that you know their intentions you’d go your own way and refuse to be used by the Israeli propaganda machine. WHICH WILL IT BE? http://reider.wordpress.com/2010/11/08/peace-now-wants-to-collaborate-with-lieberman/
  215. Durty South Drew, Artist/CEO and lead singer for the Oi-core band Sick of Society, South Florida
    I was born Jewish and am opposed to the apartheid wall. I agree fully that artist and and events that produce income for Israel should not be supported until the apartheid regime ends. Punk is a what bonds us all together and our culture will remain forever. However, it is up to the punk community within Israel to understand the implication and in many cases the deception used by the state in relation to apartheid. Come together so the world can one day commensurate you with the valor of unity and compassion for others. Standing strong is vital to bringing an end to this unnecessary and violent oppression; regardless of your race,religion, or creed. Make it happen , say no and end the apartheid.
  216. Martin Goldstein, Ottawa, Canada
    I’ve been a fan since I was introduced to DK through skateboarding.  I love your spoken word and have seen you speak twice.  I’m surprised that you don’t seem to be more informed about this issue, but perhaps this speaks to the extent to which negative discussion of Israel is verboten in the USA. Don’t cross the picket line.
  217. John McDermott, semi-retired Musician, Mana-hatta, Lenni Lenape Territory, Turtle Island
    Jello, I saw you perform with the Dead Kennedys at Irving Plaza in New York City in March, 1981, where, during your set, a couple of knuckleheads right up in front of the stage were seig-heiling you, & you correctly admonished them by responding, “That’s not the idea!” and perhaps it was incidents like that that rightfully motivated you to write the old DKs song, “Nazi Punks Fuck Off!” Now while the Israeli occupation of Palestine CANNOT be compared to the Holocaust that the nazis perpetuated on the Jews (and others) of Europe, the Israeli occupation of Palestine is deadly, brutal, racist, illegal, colonial, & it is also apartheid, & it is the duty of all of us around the planet who oppose white supremacy, apartheid, occupation, & colonialism that have learned of your intent to perform inside the Israeli “green line” in violation of the global boycott initiated by Palestinian Civil Society in order to end Israeli apartheid to now tell you, “That’s not the idea!”
  218. John Lindblad, Sweden
  219. Evalyn Segal, California Faculty Association, California
    I play early music on the recorder. The Bay Area Recorder Society is now holding summer workshops directed by an Israeli, with an additional Israeli on the faculty. I have given up attending their workshops. Some things are really important, like boycotting Israeli cultural events and personnel until such time as Israel ends the Occupation of the West Bank and the Siege of Gaza.
  220. Lucy Lepchani, artist, educator, UK
  221. Marcus Hicks, Tailor/Designer, Brooklyn
  222. aurora faivre, paris
  223. Anna, United Kingdom
  224. NoraBF, journalist, Oakland
  225. Sadie Vashti, Washington, DC
  226. Dustin Pickering, Houston, TX
  227. Stephanie Atter, California, USA
    Israel is responsible for an illegal occupation of a genocidal nature, and playing there would defy everything that the punk culture is about — freedom, peace, unity, and striving for social justice.
  228. Rama Mari, San Francisco
  229. Hoda Mitwally, New Jersey, USA
    All Palestinians, including punk fans, suffer under Israeli apartheid, occupation, and ethnic cleansing. The struggle for Palestine is the issue of our times, and you should know that. Be principled and don’t play in Tel Aviv.
  230. Deborah Gordon, university professor, Wichita, KS
  231. Shireen, Beirut, Lebanon
  232. alan whittaker, aborist, germany
  233. LJ, Student, Chicago
  234. Jo Nix, Artist, Ireland
  235. Shane Johnson, ISO, Iowa
    I play in the CORN BOSS. We would never play Israel.
  236. Terran Perry, Indiana, United States
    No matter how many leftists and activists may show up, the number won’t outweigh the cost of the message that breaking the boycott sends to both sides.
  237. Leo Maathuis, free citizen and singer in a choir on human rights, Maastricht, Netherlands
  238. Nora Roman, Nurse, Activist and Musician, Nora Roman and the Border Busters, USA
    My band is called Nora Roman and the Border Busters, which of course refers to the need to open borders (better yet, to eliminate them completely), not close them like Israel does, shutting Palestinians into bantustans which they then bomb and terrorize. Join the cultural boycott of Israel Jello or you will be on the wrong side this time. If you want to know what Israel does, listen to my song Shame on You about the attack on the Gaza Flotilla last year on my website. www.noraroman.com
  239. ANNA DAN LEHRER, israeli medical doctor, Bucharest, Romania
  240. Diana Shanaa, Student, Boston
  241. Aya, Boston
  242. Stanislav Golovchuk, journalist, United States
  243. Deppen Webber, United States
  244. Polly genic, Ireland
  245. Saif Latif, Amnesty International, Ottawa, Canada
  246. Lee Gargagliano, International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network, Chicago, IL
  247. Ali Murray, Ontario, Canada
  248. Sami W, Charity fundraiser, London
  249. Nahla, Canada
  250. Lara Ghannam, Ormond Beach, FL
  251. Janet Green, Camden Palestine Solidarity Campaign, United Kingdom
  252. Wes Strong, Student, East Hampton, CT
  253. Sarah, Public Health, New Orleans, LA
  254. gadeer, ca
  255. Viktor Andersson, Journalist, Sweden
  256. Marissa Janczewska, painter, CT United for Peace, CT, USA
  257. Devin Tran, Florida
  258. Dave Reed, North Carolina
    Say no to chickenshit conformists. Boycott Israel!
  259. Marcos Zotes, Architect, New York
  260. Ameer Ellaboudy, Santa Clara, CA
  261. Julia Sikström, Umeå, Sweden
  262. Mohammad Rujailah, Journalist, Activist, Barcelona, España
    You are influential person, people look at you as a role model, by singing in Tel Aviv you are role modeling for occupation, oppression and discrimination. If Music is neutral, and universal (that what we always hear, or want to believe) then we should not forget that JUSTICE should be universal as well.
  263. Amina, Pittsburgh
  264. Philip Ganchev, Researcher, Pittsburgh, PA, USA
  265. Ryan Hatfield, Thornton, CO
    I play in a socio-political punk/ska band called ’3 Grams Over An Ounce.’ I have been a longtime listener of your records Jello and I cannot believe you would want to play for the oppressive state that is Israel. Please abandon your plans to receive this blood money.
  266. Christopher Smith, librarian, Cincinnati, OH
  267. Elijah Oberman, musician, Brooklyn, NY
  268. Alma khasawnih, Seattle, Washington, USA
  269. theo araby-kirkpatrick, UNITED KINGDOM
  270. Chuck Bailey, IWW General Defense Committee, Joliet, Il
  271. Dorsey Gardner, retired, Boston
    If Pete Seeger at 90 can figure the issue out and not go to Israel, why can’t you!
  272. Neil Parthun, Illinois
  273. Jannine, usa
  274. Paul J. Comeau, USA
  275. Sham Khan, Punk rock musician and seriously disappointed, London, UK
  276. Ester, Spain
  277. Winslow Dahlberg-Wright, United States
  278. Paul Stevens, Teacher/Editor, Australia
  279. tayce, sydney
    Jello, we’ve heard your spoken word and know your lyrics, its clear you are very anti-government and suppression, and the palestines need a voice like yours to make the whole world understand their plight. for the love of your fans worldwide, please dont do this! come to australia instead…sold out shows nationwide, i guarantee it!
  280. Hassan Afaneh, London
    I’m play guitar and sing in an acoustic punk band called Chapter Eleven, recently released an ep on Pornography For Cowards Records that can be found here: chaptereleven.bandcamp.com  COMMENT: Jello and DK are on of my biggest influences and have got me in to punk rock, I don’t understand why he would do this since he’s spoken against Israel’s occupation… Let’s hope he realizes and backs out.
  281. J.N., teacher, Canada
  282. Chris Faller, Teacher soon-to-be Social Worker, DENVER CO
  283. Paul Lenart, IWW, Reno
  284. Johnny Panic, IWW, night club promoter, and DJ, Washington DC
    I have lost respect for most of my teen idols by now, but not you I always believed in you, You were the one who got a punk rock kid into industrial (Lard) and I learned a lot fro all the spoken word albums  hope someone is for real
  285. Sam Gespass, Busker, Pittsburgh, PA
  286. Connor, Student/Horse Tram Driver, United Kingdom
    Great musical inspiration, acting as a great source of disappointment
  287. Elie, drummer in an anarchist samba band active against the occupation in Israel/Palestine, Jerusalem
    supporting the boycott means supporting a non-violent Palestinian struggle against the occupation. if you want to come and see the country and what is happening, you don not need to break the boycott and perform here to do so.
  288. Mark Kerrison, UK
    I urge you to stand against apartheid, ethnic cleansing and the separation barrier by cancelling your gig in Israel. The system of apartheid in Israel is in so many ways worse than the despicable system once operated – with Israeli assistance – in South Africa.
  289. Nicholas Sterner, Executive Director, Nonprofit
    If you would like to honor your art, to live up to the true spirit of the artisan, to live for art, then do not let your art contribute to the generational genocide that is the result of the apartheid state of Israel.
  290. Bisan, Student/Artist, Jerusalem/palestine
    Viva palestine – No one is free untill Palestine is free
  291. Alia Adib, Abu Dhabi
    At the center of non-violence stands the principle of love. Martin Luther King, Jr.  Help the Palestinians in a non-violent way. Do not perform.
  292. Graham Neal, Community Worker, Scotland
    I have been a fan of Jello’s work for over twenty years, because it was thought provoking and inspirational, so am at a loss to understand his decision to play in apartheid Israel.
  293. CG, NYC
    By performing in Tel aviv, you are choosing to support the racist and apartheid state of israel. A state that oppresses, humiliates, tortures and murders innocent people.
  294. Tristan Sloughter, United States
  295. Mansoor Ahmed, rzn8 productions, Washington State
  296. Sherry Cronin, USA
  297. Robyn Roux, Pittsburgh
  298. Ava, NYU Students for Justice in Palestine, New York
  299. M Obaidi, UK
    http://www.hsrc.ac.za/Media_Release-378.phtml  http://icahdusa.org/multimedia/downloads/2010/09/is-israel-an-apartheid-state-single-page.pdf
  300. Adrian Simpson, UK
  301. Paddy Ferris, Socialist Workers Party/ People Before Profit, Ireland
  302. Haim Bresheeth, London
  303. Freda Hughes, Music promoter and activist, Ireland
  304. Ava, United States
  305. Roger, Tampa Food Not Bombs, Tampa
  306. Rilla, Washington
  307. Gina, Students for Justice in Palestine, Alumni, USA
    As a Palestinian who has trouble just going back to visit her struggling family and friends in Palestine, I urge you to please follow your conscience and support the BDS movement by canceling your show. Every action counts. Thank you.
  308. Babia Wahba, NYC
  309. jeremy m, Toulouse
    If you want to see the reality, go as private citizens, not as punk stars!
  310. Jamil Sbitan, Student, Activist, College Journalist, Boston, MA
    Don’t play for Apartheid Israel; Israeli leaders will use this for normalization and propaganda!
  311. Richard Stahl, Student, Philadelphia, PA
    This doesn’t seem right at all… I’ve listened to every Dead Kennedys album and this seems to contradict everything the band has stood for.
  312. michelle ryder, USA
  313. Benjamin Silverman, Asheville, NC
    As a Jew and a life-time lover of punk I am disgusted my Jello soiling the good name of punk by associating it with a violent government that is actively soiling the good name of the Jewish people. Boycotting Israel is not “anti-semetic” its for in the spirit of the best in the Jewish tradition of standing in solidarity with the oppressed nomatter their nationality or religion. Free Palestine!
  314. Neil D. Hunt, Activist, Artist, West Hollywood
    Do not be a Bitchass Biafra!!!Sell out your morals for what dropping out of DK fan page on facebook and encourage all REAL Punks to hate on yer ass!
  315. Matt Cornell, Writer/Artist, Los Angeles
    The decision to break the cultural boycott puts you to right of Bono and Sting. Don’t go, Jello.
  316. Fatemah Khalfan, Canberra, Australia
  317. Nathan Gubbins, Student, England
  318. Andrés Avilés, Guayaquil – Ecuador
  319. Jenny Lind, Stockholm, Sweden
  320. wegdan mohamed, uk
  321. Matt Swagler, Student, Columbia Students for Justice in Palestine and Member of the Fucking Ocean (sf/nyc), New York, NY
    So let me get this straight, Jello claims that the cultural boycott of israel isn’t yet as ‘solid’ as the boycott movement against South Africa? Hmm, so you plan to wait until everyone else says it’s safe to boycott? Wow, I didn’t realize being spineless was so punk rock these days. And way to spit on the Pixies, Gil Scott-Heron, Elvis Costello and the others who have stood by their principles and refused to play in Israel.
  322. Robyn Harris-Iles, Aotearoa, New Zealand
  323. Monique Buckner, Teacher, England
    It is very sad that a band that is in the position to support the boycott, as it did in South Africa, is pretending that it needs to ‘see’ Israeli crimes in order to… what, believe them? Doesn’t the evidence of Israeli, Palestinian and international human rights organizations amount to much in the eyes of this band? What about all the UN resolutions, reports and statements, or the video footage of Israel’s many crimes? How come all this means nothing to you? If you want to see something, join the Gaza flotilla, but please, don’t entertain in Israel. Apartheid anywhere is the same crime against humanity as it was in South Africa, and you don’t need to ask Archbishop Desmond Tutu to explain.
  324. Kelly McMenamin, San Diego
  325. Dom, Boston
    Easy decision, Jello.  Do the right thing.
  326. Kotu Bajaj, XVX, Sarasota FL
  327. Soraya BaIseiro, Sacramento, CA
    When I heard Jello would be playing Tel Aviv I thought it might be a cruel joke… I mean, entertaining apartheid? He is the LAST person I’d expect to do that… But no. Wasn’t a joke. So now I’m hoping that Jello Biafra will hear this plea; PLEASE don’t play Tel Aviv!!!!!!!!! Answer the call for cultural boycott of Israel with SOLIDARITY, put yourself on the right side of history, don’t entertain apartheid!!!!
  328. kamel elbasha, freelance/play director, palestine
  329. Sami, Humankind, Chicago
    You know what’s right.
  330. holly mills, freelance writer, United States
  331. Abby Isaacs, Chicago
  332. Chris Boyd, Ireland
  333. Jen, counselor, chicago, il
  334. Akkas Al-Ali, Playwright/Director, London UK
  335. Tara Themis Brown, visual artist, Brooklyn NY
  336. Kim Bosotina, New York
    Get with the program Jello, you really ought to know better. There is no moral equation easier to understand than you dont entertain the occupier in his domicile.
  337. Shannon Roe, Artist Management, Chicago IL
    Jello, I’m terribly disappointed in your decision to play Israel. What happened? This is the clearest case of injustice in the world right now, and you’re completely disregarding the fact that Israel is heinously violating international and human rights laws at the expense of Palestinians’ humanity, dignity, and livelihood. You should know better than this. You’ve lost a fan in me (15 years), and as I’m sure you’re noticing, you’ve lost the support of many others as well.
  338. Sumia I, Princeton, NJ
  339. Natty Pilcher, United States
    Come on! At this point I still enjoy listening to the old Dead Kennedys CDs, don’t take the political joy of it away from me!
  340. Shahir Monsuruddin, NJ, USA
  341. Elizabeth Wrigley-Field, Madison, WI
  342. Stuart Munckton, Green Left Weekly co-editor, Sydney
  343. Terry Towsend, Socialist Alliance and Editor, Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal (http://links.org.au), Sydney, Australia
  344. Daniela Jorge, Young Democratic Socialists, New Jersey
  345. Orlando Forbes, Peace and Solidarity Activist, South Korea
    You’re not taking a neutral stance. You said the more you knew about the situation the less you realized you knew. So humble yourself. So, go to Palestine. Visit Gaza. Go see the ethnic cleansing in Jerusalem. the Apartheid Wall in the West Bank. Then, make an INFORMED decision.
  346. Glen Kissack, New York City
  347. mary avice, Canada
  348. alex, Portland OR
  349. Rahim, Student, Los Angeles
  350. Ben, Trinidad and Tobago
  351. Chelsea Harris, Topeka, KS
  352. Fatima Elkabti, Copy-editor, San Diego, CA
    Please reconsider! It wouldn’t have been cool to do a gig for Apartheid South Africa, and it isn’t cool to do one for Apartheid Israel.
  353. alexander super, ISO, Brooklyn
  354. Michael Letwin, Labor for Palestine, Brooklyn NY
  355. maya flessas, portland, OR USA
    punx against apartheid!
  356. Joanne Gullion, LaPorte, Texas
    You just make the suffering of the Palestinians worse by playing in Israel.  You should be ashamed of yourself if go through with it.
  357. Margarita Windisch, Teacher, Melbourne
  358. Les Thomas, Independent musician, These Machines Cut Razor Wire, Melbourne
    Dear Jello, You’ve been a musical hero to me for most of my life. I respectfully ask that you take a stand with the oppressed and not play the proposed Tel Aviv show. Nothing to stop you checking things out. Please don’t weaken a movement for positive change for Palestinian people. They have suffered too much for far too long. They needs artists of conscience to support them. Kind Regards, Les Thomas
    Melbourne, Australia
  359. Laura Durkay, New York, NY, USA
  360. Ema Corro, Student, Australia
    Jello you were my childhood hero. I’m so disappointed at this decision. I understand you think you can make a difference by talking to Israeli’s, but collective action is so much more powerful and your playing in Israel is undermining that. Remember Sun City? You never would have played South Africa. Please, please don’t do this!
  361. Hannah Gerbe, Pitt SJP, Pittsburgh
  362. Marcus Thornhill, IWW,  New York
    While I realise that spreading the word of the Palestinian plight is important, I find the necessity to spread that word to Israel as a very poor reason for breaking the Boycott of Israel. The people of Israel are well aware of the conflict. I feel it would be much better to cancel in Israel and stand in solidarity with the Boycott, possibly even playing in Palestinian land instead. I hope you make the right decision.
  363. David Judd, International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network, New York City
  364. Colin Kalmbacher, Texas
    I am a musician and have played in multiple bands throughout the years. I’ve covered DK songs in the past… Your music is against empire, Jello. Please. For the love of anything that might be construed as sacred about your message, cancel the fucking show.
  365. Jake Freemantle, Contractor
  366. Samar Zegar, Sociologist, US
  367. Janet Kenny, poet and retired musician, Australia
  368. Nick Hughes, Cardiff
    Been a fan since the 80′s – and I really don’t want to microwave all my DK cd’s – but I will if you play in Israel.
  369. Sam, Emcee/Activist, Minnesota
  370. Glenn Allen, Chicago
  371. Lucette Smoes, Silver Spring, MD
  372. Ellen Stark, International Solidarity Movement, Washington State, USA
  373. Marcus Ruef, BDS, Olympia, WA USA
    Consistency is the hallmark of those who would enact social change. Playing in Israel would be entirely inconsistent with your history of social activism and work for positive change. DO NOT PLAY IN ISRAEL, PLEASE
  374. Patrick, International Socialist Organization, Chicago Hardcore Punk Scene, USA
    I am in several bands and I frequent hardcore shows. I listened yo your music for a long time Jello
  375. Andrew Tarr, Massachusetts
  376. Denise Thomas, nada, Michigan, USA
  377. Chris Kim, Wheaton, IL. USA
  378. Jano Charbel, Cairo, Egypt. Journalist, Musician, Libertarian Socialist, Bassist/guitarist in an Egyptian rock band.
    Jello Biafra and the Dead Kennedys have inspired me both politically and musically. Yet Jello’s decision to play in Apartheid Israel baffles me. Apartheid Israel is a colonial settler state which forcefully occupies and annexes others lands, and continues to steal land via illegal settler colonies… Performing in Israel, especially in light of the cultural/musical boycotts of Zionist Apartheid means that he is effectively a reactionary cultural scab... Dear Jello, as a fan I kindly ask you to please cancel the show. However, the decision is yours – are you going to stand against Apartheid, occupation, siege, war crimes, and racial/religious discrimination; or are you going to be another apathetic musical sellout (like Elton John)?
  379. Huwaida Arraf, Human Rights Advocate, Palestine
  380. Ayat, student, Canada
  381. Shirien D., Chicago
  382. Hannah, Kansas
  383. Gretchen Virkler, Nanny, Brooklyn, NY
  384. Neta Golan, ISM, Ramallah
  385. Andrea, Montreal
  386. Nadine Saliba, USA
  387. Amjad, United States
  388. Rachel Roberts, Los Angeles
    Please don’t sell out Palestinians and Israelis who are doing the hard work of struggling against land theft, segregation and oppression. Support the boycott!
  389. Margery Hanson, Nevada
  390. Gina K, pianist, USA
    Please boycott Israel in support of the oppressed Palestinian people!
  391. Melanie Trombley, Melanie Trombley Productions, LLC, Chicago, IL
  392. Mike Ellison, Science Educator, Vancouver, WA
    Please heed the united call of Palestinian civil society.
  393. Danya Mustafa, Students for Justice in Palestine – UNM, Nablus, Palestine
    Don’t support apartheid and the illegal occupation of the Palestinians!
  394. James Robertson, Student, Boston, MA
  395. NEDAL GHAOUI, Australia
  396. B.E. Newbury, Lawrence, KS
    I am taken aback, along with many others, that Mr Biafra would even consider performance or exhibitions against the cultural boycott. Do what is right. Stand for what you’ve stood for.
  397. Sarah Kizuk, Montreal
  398. Jendatta Bilger, Writer, Artist, Central America
    Boycott Israel: Humanity’s best hope to stop Israeli brutality, apartheid, racism and murder of innocent people. We have to stop the occupation of Palestine. No more impunity, no more tolerance for Israel’s human rights abuses and bullying tactics worldwide. Free Palestine Forever.
  399. Falia Omar, Student, USA
    In life, we usually look back at our proudest moments. And am sure that if you perform for Apartheid Israel, it will be one of the darkest moments in your life that you will wish to never look back at again. So please Jello, stand up for what is right, and don’t perform for Apartheid Israel.
  400. Masuda, West Hills, CA
  401. Mark Elf, London
  402. Methal Dabaj, Syria
  403. Michael Levin, musician, Chicago, IL
  404. mira bishara, Palestine
  405. Chance, bass player for Hevy Syrup, ISO, Minneapolis, MN
  406. VC!, CA,
  407. Don’t be a tool of oppression and intolerance. Be a tool for change.
  408. Margaret Leicester, United States
  409. Jeremy Lahoud, Los Angeles, CA
  410. Tim Strom, Australia
  411. Kitty Lui, International Socialist Org, San Francisco
  412. Jori Karlin, Tampere
  413. Olga Rocheeva, TESC Divest, Olympia, WA
  414. Rami Schoenthaler , Graphic Artist, Huntingdon, PA
    I am not a musician in any way shape or form but I understand that music is a highly influential art form and in that sense gives a large amount of power to those who are making it. It is a musicians responsibility to spread truth and justice with their words and music as anything other than that would be a misuse of peoples trust and love. It does not take a high degree of intelligence nor a morally open minded person to know that deep down in their hearts the occupation going on in Palestine is undeniably wrong. The hypocrisy of the entire situation with regards to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict needs to be addressed not through corrupt political offices and officials, but through the un-biased art world from which the truth and the spread of its message will unfold.
  415. van gestel, belgium
  416. Michael Onkelinx, Belgium
  417. Lamise, Chicago, Illinois
    Jello, your music was a huge part of my adolescence and helped shaped my political views today. Breaking the boycott would let a lot of your fans down who believed that you were dedicated to social justice. Please don’t play Israel.
  418. Augie, California
    Don’t do it Jello. You always stood by the oppressed why change now?
  419. Dan, Palo Alto,  CA
  420. Kirsty Gallery, Glasgow
  421. Tom Rainey-Smith, Seoul, South Korea
    I grew up listening to the Dead Kennedys and still take inspiration from their music. Please put your money where your mouth is and cancel this visit until you have learned more about what is happening the Occupied Territories.
  422. Aaron, Tadamon, Montreal, Canada
  423. Will Thomson, New Mexico
  424. Dekeyzer Piet, Belgium
  425. Lilian Kaplan, Cape Town, South Africa
    “What saddens me today is that any Jew who speaks out, with an independent voice, especially about the conduct of the State of Israel is regarded as a self-hating Jew….Why should someone be made to choose between being a Jew and having a conscience?” -Judge Albie Sachs
    “Everybody is somebody’s Jew. And today the Palestinians are the Jews of the Israelis.” – Primo Levi
    Please Jello, you have a conscience. Don’t play in Tel Aviv.
  426. Gareth Moss, London
  427. Amir, Northeastern University Student, USA
  428. Ghada Ibrahim, Student, Toronto
  429. andrew rennard, southwest missouri
    1.  Jello, are you against the military-industrial complex?  Not only does Israel receive US weapons, it takes part in developing them (Look up companies such as Elbit and Rafael, look at who they’re partnered with).  2.  Palestinian refugees in the West Bank, Gaza, Lebanon, Syria, et. al won’t be able to see you in Tel Aviv, and it’s their country.  You show up as a guest of the colonial-settlers.  The leftwing Israelis can go see you in the West Bank and Gaza — They’ll have a better chance of getting in.
  430. Dina Jacir, NJ
  431. Bulik vik, Photographer, Belgium
  432. Daniel Demeter, San Luis Obispo, CA
    As someone who has identified with your music for decades and has seen first-hand the affects of the Israeli occupation in Bethlehem, Ramallah, Hebron, Jericho and Jerusalem, as well as the harsh situations that Palestinian refugees continue to endure in Lebanon, Syria and Jordan, I implore you to honor the BDS.
  433. Nader Atassi, Beirut, Lebanon
  434. Laura, San Diego
  435. Jonathan Kennedy, Tied Down, Canada
  436. Hala, Student, France
    Performing in Israel is supporting apartheid.
  437. Mohammad Qureashi, Orange county
  438. Moh’d Yousef, BDS, Jordan
  439. Shadi George, lyon, France
  440. mo, teacher, palo alto, ca
    say no to racist policy. israel=apartheid s.africa
  441. John, New Mexico
  442. Kevin Moore, dundee
  443. Adam Hudson, activist, writer, Bay Area, CA
  444. Ziad Suidan, Dissertator, Madison, WI
  445. Jeff Skinner, Stockholm, Sweden
  446. Patrick McGinley, Brisbane
  447. Moe Mashal, Chicago IL USA
  448. Feride Eralp, Columbia Students for Justice in Palestine, New York
  449. Alasdair Thompson, Edinburgh, Scotland
  450. Ron Thorp, United Kingdom
    Jello,  You really must cancel mate. This is a big mistake.
  451. John Treat, South Africa
  452. kate, teacher, south korea
  453. Peter Vance, Peterborough
  454. Liam Mitchell, Parks officer, St Helens, Tasmania
  455. liad kantorowicz, israel
  456. John Milne, Ayrshire, Scotland
  457. Censu, Malta
  458. Ian McDonald, Retired transport worker, Maidstone
  459. Adam Eagleson, Scotland
    Jello, there’s not many people I’d describe as a hero, but you are one of them. Do the right thing.
  460. Saher Ahwal, Computer Science Student, Boston, MA
  461. Liam O’Hare, Edinburgh SJP, Scotland
  462. Paula Abrams-Hourani, Vienna, Austria
  463. Roddy Shippin, Edinburgh
  464. Ray Renouf, Egypt
    You can help end the murders.. Don’t go to Israel!!!
  465. Ryan McGinness, UK
  466. Paul Reilly, England
  467. Schimi Hussey (Shumaila Hussain Shahani), Student, Karachi
    Boycott Israel for the welfare of mankind. Freedom is a human right
  468. Robert Jayne, Glasgow, Scotland
  469. charles fox, glasgow scotland
  470. Maha, Consultant, Paris
  471. Murtada Ikbal, London
    Please do no tsupport the zionists
  472. Muhammad Mowbray, UK
  473. Noman, IT Director, United Kingdom
  474. miz, england
  475. Catherine Wilson, Scotland
  476. Rovshan Taghiyev, Sweden
  477. Milo Stevens, NUS, Liverpool
  478. Murray Meikle, Trade unionist, Edinburgh
    Sorry Jello, there is no excuse for breaking the boycott.  Please change your mind and retain your political consistency and credibility.
  479. Ayshe Fadel, London
  480. Lasse Jalonen, Finland
  481. Steve Giles, Perth, Australia
  482. Debbie Charnock-Jones, UK
  483. david, Company Director, hobart TAS
  484. Sam Hamad, United Kingdom
    The thought of somebody like Biafra playing apartheid-era South Africa would be ridiculous.  The situation for the Palestinian people is very similar, and by playing in Israel people like Biafra give their tacit consent to these crimes!
  485. Silvia, student, the globe
  486. Angie Ney, Social worker
  487. Karen Lees, Wiltshire, UK
  488. anonymous, belgium
    solo el pueblo salva al pueblo
  489. Rosamine Hayeem, Edgware – Middlesex UK
  490. Jo Semp, England
    Never thought i’d see myself consider Jello Biafra in this situation. I am appalled.
  491. Mike Cadger, England
  492. Maria Lewis, San Francisco CA
    Come o Jello, don’t play apartheid Israel. Your letting us all down
  493. Zobia Zahid, Canada
  494. Andrew Miller, New York City
    Don’t support apartheid or ethnic cleansing.
  495. saher igbarria, finland
  496. Vickie Cortez, United States of America
  497. Lab Rafeka, Doctor, London
  498. Nasra K, student, london
    Dont do it ….. Picture the number of palestinians u make smile
  499. jonatan stanczak, Palestine Solidarity Association of Sweden, Sweden
  500. Nadia Baha, Musiclover, Everywhere
  501. Kate Connelly, Scotland
  502. colt, london
  503. Micah Murphy, New York
  504. Susanne Lundgren, Stockholm
  505. Riaz hamid, Promoter and operator, Uk
    The world is an injustice place. Let’s not give creedance and support to those who oppress. Music for the masses not the selective !!
  506. Nael Kiswani, Medical Doctor, Poland
    Discussions and comments are made infront of people not through mail. You read the news ladies and gentleman, you visit Gaza and the west bank. Words are not enough to describe the crimes against the Palestinian People!
  507. Chris Gardner, UK
    Please consider all the implications of both doing, and not doing this gig.
  508. Dave Querido, South Africa
  509. Charlie Duffin, Quality Engineer, Coventry, UK
  510. ed plumb, gardener, uk
  511. Dardan, Yonkers, NY
  512. Paul Gelderd, UK
    I always thought you were a turned on sort of person, somebody who would fight for what is right. I am therefore surprised to hear that you are considering playing in Tel Aviv. I urge you on behalf of the oppressed Palestinian people to reconsider.
  513. Maria Manrique, Artist, Sevilla, Spain
  514. Val Thomson, Scotland
  515. Erryn Balzan, Producer, recording artist and fan, London
  516. Dr. Angela Waldegg, Vienna
  517. Marcus Phelan, Australia
  518. s mcnamara, uk
  519. Sergio, Civilian-Soldier Alliance, Baltimore, MD
    I’m in a local punk band, but more than anything I’ve been a fan of Jello and DK since I was a kid.
  520. Andres, farm worker and singer-songwriter/dead kennedy’s fan, edinburgh
  521. Peter Jansson, Salesman, Stockholm Sweden
  522. Michael Austin, USA
  523. Noor, Amman
  524. elaine linn, Pittsburgh PA
  525. Joanna Luge, United States
  526. Michael Karadjis, Teacher, Sydney, Australia
  527. maamri, doctor, algeria
  528. John Snowdon, United Kingdom
  529. Ian Hopkins, Australia
  530. Lungisa J Mndende, OSS Organiser, South Africa
    Occupation is a human rights violation, please support (BDS) to create peace talks in Israel/Palestine. Share the pain Palestinians feel. Thanks for hearing us God be with you.
  531. Salam Milia, Educator, actor, Cambridge, MA, USA
  532. Karin Pally, United States
  533. Freda Guttman, Tadamon!, Montreal
  534. Hannah, United Kingdom
  535. Enrique Tomando, Boston
  536. mamie miller, usa
  537. Madeline Burrows, Boston, MA
  538. Ismail Badran, MD, Medical Doctor, Michigan, USA
    ‘If you remain neutral in situations of oppression, then you have taken the side of the oppressor’  -Desmond Tutu
  539. Nimco Mohammed, Manchester, The United Kingdom
    Playing a gig in Israel is passively supporting the apartheid policies of the Israeli government. Like it or not, if you play you will be generating revenue for them which in turn will be used to further oppress the Palestinian people.
  540. kenny, Australia, medico
    It is very simple Jello, you are either going to support ethnic cleansing apartheid and genocidal behaviours, or your not, Most of us , your fans, that is, would prefer that you did not support and entertain those who are guilty of such horrendous crimes against humanity.
  541. Jesse Zarley, Graduate Student, Univ. of Maryland, Washington, DC
  542. Brian Sheridan, Retired, United Kingdom
  543. Victor Agosto, Iraq Veterans Against the War, South Florida BDS, International Socialist Organization, Miami
    “The more we know about the many sides to this horrible conflict, the more we realize we don’t know.”  Let me break it down for you:  “Israel’s highest policy priority since its creation is getting rid of as many Palestinians as possible and grabbing as much of their land as practical, without inviting the full wrath of the world.” – Omar Barghouti  “If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse and you say that you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality.” – Desmond Tutu
  544. Noor Fawzy, Student, USA
    Music serves as a source of entertainment. It is a means of finding happiness. There is nothing entertaining or happy about apartheid. Cancel your gig!
  545. Christopher Towne, Washington, DC
    Jello – I admire you a great deal. Please join the picket line!
  546. abdalla, manager, fort lauderdale fl
    don’t support israel apartheid
  547. Erik Mears, Elmhurst, NY
  548. jordan brocious, california
  549. Tommy Miles, NYC
    Don’t be putz. Don’t be a scab.
  550. Karen McLean, Edinburgh
  551. Kaveh Sarfehjooy, New York City
  552. Khury Petersen-Smith, Boston, USA
  553. devorah hill, US
  554. Therezia Cooper, US
  555. Paige Sarlin, Filmmaker, Providence, RI
  556. Dave Shapiro, Denver ABC, Denver, CO
    Jello, this is surprising, saddening, and disgusting.
  557. Mnar Muhareb, Student, Miami
  558. Ian Georgianna, Miami, Florida
  559. Sameh Abu Jarour, Communications and Media, Vancouver
  560. Chris Gleed-Owen, Ecologist, UK
  561. Alex Wong, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
  562. Sara Fitouri, Denver, CO
  563. alex hundert, organiser and co-host of AW@L Radio (http://peaceculture.org/drupal/taxonomy/term/8), promoter and DJ for Kensington Market’s new punk night, toronto
  564. Aaron, Bike Messenger, Toronto, Ontario
    If he does play in Israel, which I guarantee he will, I hope he at least has the balls to tell it like it is.
  565. Ryan Gear, Columbus, OH, USA
  566. sue breeze, small business owner/operator, canada
    If you play for Apartheid Israel you are complicit with the crimes that Israel engages in; ignoring/breaching international law, ignoring UN Resolutions, illegal occupation of Palestine, illegal blockade of Palestine, crimes of piracy, crimes of apartheid, crimes against humanity.  Please join the boycott to demand that Israel join the civilized world.  PEACE
  567. Hannah Allen, SJP Hampshire College, cartoonist, Boston, MA, USA
  568. Craig Fortier, No One Is Illegal-Toronto, Toronto, Canada
  569. maria york, teacher, Norge
  570. Martin Chisholm, IT Analyst, Inverness, Scotland
  571. Ernesto Paramo, journalist, UK
  572. aman, student for justice in palestine, United States
  573. Terrence Curran, Boston
  574. Syksy Räsänen, physicist, Helsinki, Finland
  575. Branden, montreal
  576. Jonathan Weisman, Chicago
    Oh pa-lease. Walk the talk, Biafra. Its holiday in Apartheid? Hell no.
  577. Alan Aeschliman, Analytical Chemist, Long Beach, CA
  578. Daniel Alley, Students for Justice in Palestine, UC Berkeley, Berkeley, CA
  579. Dietmar, Germany
  580. Brian Kelly, Belfast, Ireland
    your integrity on the line here. do the right thing.
  581. Ville Päivätie, Helsinki
  582. Anne Key, United Kingdom
    Military Occupation is illegal
  583. ziyaad yousef, Jerusalem
  584. Deirdre Murphy, ireland
  585. Jenna England, Ca,  U.S.
  586. Alaa El Din Ali, Low-key musician/music producer, Egypt
    Jello, you taught me as a kid what it meant to be actively anti-fascist. Please don’t fall from grace as the biggest hypocrite ever!
  587. Joanne, Ireland
  588. Allen McGarvey, Glasgow
  589. Leggy, Layabout, Peoples Republic of Yorkshire
    Don’t do it. Worked on a Kibbutz for a few weeks in the 80s and was surprised to find a bunch of barbaric, racist thugs running it. Embarrassed ever since for doing it. Live with no regrets.
  590. KhairulAqmal, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
    Viva Palestina Libre!
  591. Burton Steck, Chicago
  592. Neil Warner, Student, Ireland
  593. amir m, scotland
  594. Katie Yow, Greensboro, NC
  595. ciara flanagan, United States
  596. Liz Lordan, Belfast
  597. Faisal Altarkati, United Kingdom
  598. eddie hines, retired, u.s.a.
  599. Chris Stone, New York
  600. Chris McCabe, Cambridge
  601. Tom Donlan, Ireland
    You should not be turning your back on the good you did when you were with the Dead Kennedy’s, you should not be giving your imprimatur to a rogue and criminal state by playing there. Please cancel your show(s).
  602. Earthan Black, Portland, Oregon, USA
    I find it hard to believe someone like Jello would be unaware of this situation. If he has some kind of plan, then I say “Ignore us and do your thing; I trust you.” But I add my name to this list in the chance that this truly is a mistake Jello is making.
  603. ahmad, goldsmiths palestine campaign, london
  604. Rupa Shah, USA
  605. Andreas Köhler, Activist and Student, Sweden
  606. Elen Wasfi, Dover, DE
  607. Marc Ó Súilleabháin, Jinky Records, coventry uk
  608. Jim Haber, Nevada Desert Experience, Las Vegas, NV
    Since gigs can’t be organized that Palestinians could reliably count on, because of Israeli policies, to perform for Israeli audiences without some agitating for huge social change there, is collusion, unworthy of Jello, but then, I would have thought the same of Bob Dylan, and he seems not to care either. come on, Jello, do better!
  609. Wiliam Watts, Retired, Denver Colorado USA
  610. caterina donattini, Italy
  611. Jorge Herrera, Austin, TX
  612. Flimsy, Europe
    Don’t do it!
  613. chavez, punk, Portland OR
    Punk means something. At the very least its about bucking the status quo. And the status quo in Israel is the daily abuse of Palestinians and the maintenance of an apartheid state. real punks boycott. and you sir, are a real punk.
  614. Kevin McSweeney, Plymouth, UK
  615. Mara Kardas-Nelson, South Africa
  616. Martijn, Belgium
    The wall must fall! End Occupation, end Apartheid! Boycott Israel
  617. Goedele Baetens, belgiê
  618. ricky kelly, street worker, montreal
  619. Paul Lefrak, South Florida BDS, Miami Beach, FL
    The whole of Palestinian civil society is supporting this cultural boycott.  Don’t scab!!
  620. Bas, Ireland
  621. Nicole Colson, International Socialist Organization, Chicago
  622. Kristine Rogghe, Brussels, BE
  623. Husam Farah, Hamilton, Canada
  624. Sandra, Retired, UK
  625. sue goldstein, international jewish anti-zionist network, toronto, canada
  626. Åse Pedersen, Sverige
  627. Emily Grosvenor, Seattle Mideast Awareness Campaign (SeaMAC), Seattle, WA
  628. stephen hannigan, Republic of Ireland
  629. Aidan Rowe, Anarchist activist (Workers Solidarity Movement), Ireland
    If you play in Israel you’ll be like Queen playing for apartheid South Africa and nobody wants that, because Queen were a load of shit.
  630. George Ralston, electrician, Scotland
    Come on man dont let yourself and punk in general down. Supporting racism, apartheid and war crimes is not ok. Please cancel this gig.
  631. Chris & Mary Fogarty, Chicago
  632. John Moore, student, Ireland
    He should not be so silly
  633. Piarais mac Alastair, Mac Léinn, Béal Feirste, Éire
    Saoirse don phailistine
  634. Fearghal O’Ruadh, Student, Ireland
    Don’t fucking do it man.
  635. Madeline Hale, Student, Baltimore
  636. Danielle, Abq, NM
  637. Neal Feldman, Denver BDS, Denver, CO
  638. barbara brown, retired, uk
  639. Sean McDonald, United States
  640. Lorcan Myles, Activist, Ireland
    If you want to learn more about the conflict, why not read the many Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and UN reports on the systemic human rights abuses carried out against the Palestinians? Or read Noam Chomsky and Ilan Pappe’s new book on the conflict? Educating yourself is no excuse for crossing the picket line, and you know it.
  641. Stuart Dowling, Drawing Attention Designs, Ireland
  642. Peter Unterweger, Vienna, Austria
  643. Michael Vexler, Tel-Aviv
  644. Badia AlBanna, MD
  645. Jamie Sullivan, Western Mass Coalition for Palestine, Massachusetts
  646. Annan Shehadi, Students for Justice in Palestine at SAIC, Chicago
  647. victor puertas, musician, united states
  648. Frank E. Kahn, Lawyer, Occupied Palestine
  649. Reem Qadan, Reporter, Palestine
  650. Josh On, United States
  651. anderson bean, greensboro
  652. Chris Tullis, Amherst, MA
    I play in a punk band that plays occasional local gigs.
  653. Bruce Gould, Chicago
  654. Juan M., greensboro, NC, U.S.A.
    We need everybody on the same boat to show that we disapprove the occupation and militarization of Palestine
  655. Mike Spring, Galway, Ireland, Labour Party (personal capacity)
    Apartheid =/= upping the punx
  656. rand abd alkader, Jordan
  657. Leticia Mendez, Stockholm, Lawyer
  658. Dalli Weyers, Cape Town, South Africa, Open Shuhada Street
  659. Stephanie, United States
  660. Erin Birgersson, Karlstad, Sweden
  661. Ken Krayeske, Hartford, CT, CT Green Party
    We’re rockers and rappers united and strongWe’re here to talk about Israel  

    we don’t like what’s going on

    It’s time for some justice it’s time for the truth

    …We’ve realized there’s only one thing we can do

    I, I, I, I ain’t gonna play Tel Aviv

  662. Mariam, Ramallah
  663. Kurt Gonnerman, Aspen, Colorado, Crestone Theater, http://www.youtube.com/CrestoneTheater promoting cultural awareness and popular culture of many countries, Arab and Western Asian etc…
    i don’t think any of my counterculture underground heros from the 1980′s are anything but sell-outs to the powers that be these days, and this is just reinforcing my disillusionment and disgust!
  664. Paul Morris, Saint Joseph, MO
  665. Rahima begum, London
  666. Justo Arriola, Basque Country
    Free Palestine!!!
  667. Ron Tauber, Tel Aviv, Student
  668. Katie Miranda, Oakland, CA, artist
    Bolstering apartheid regimes like Israel by playing a show there is totally not punk rock !
  669. Jeddica Bach, New Orleans, LA, New Orleans Palestinians Solidarity
    I don’t like the idea of depriving anyone of music, but this is so much bigger. You are not just one artist, you are making history!
  670. Clif D, Indianapolis
  671. Courtney Smith, Pittsburgh, PA, data entry worker
  672. Jan Bauman, USA
    As an American Jew I urge you to please not go to apartheid Israel. I don’t think that you would have gone to apartheid South Africa.
  673. Josh, Louisiana
    get with it man
  674. Sarah, USA, artist
    The quicker we band together and send a clear message, the sooner we can get on with building a beautiful and more equal world. If you really want to play a concert- go to the West Bank.
  675. simon, England
  676. Simine Tepper, USA
    Please do not go, if only for the sake of the (7 year old and upwards) children who are being plucked in from their beds in the middle of the night by the IDF and taken away to Israeli prisons while they are begging their parents to not let them be taken.
  677. John Tighe, Ireland, Student
  678. Harold Bronk, Massachusetts
  679. Stephanie James, Blackpool
  680. Gail Sahar, Providence, RI, College professor
  681. Deborah Brauner, Berlin
  682. Sanem Ozturk, istanbul, academician
    i am a singer
  683. L Young, Scotland
  684. Gary Lapon, New York, NY, International Socialist Organization
    The Dead Kennedys was what got me into punk, and one of my favorite aspects of the music was the political message. Jello: get on the right side of history again and don’t play Israel!
  685. Mike, The Kasama Project / The Red Spark Collective, Seattle
    The first time I ever got politically involved, it was in Idaho right before the 2000 election. I was a huge Dead Kennedys fan and heard that Jello was supporting the Green Party in the upcoming election, so I learned about them and joined the campaign.   I’ve now been politically active almost non-stop for over a decade in a variety of causes, and my viewpoints have definitely changed and developed, but I can honestly say that my first push to get involved was because I admired Jello so much and was inspired by his music.   Jello, support the boycott! Your biggest fans are counting on you to do so! You’ve been supporting righteous causes for decades, so don’t stop now! ~Mike
  686. Francis Cook, Pre School Teacher DC1707 Union Member, NYC
  687. chris cook, New Zealand
  688. Carl Gelderloos, ithaca, ny
  689. Alaa, Student, New York
  690. Kat J, Berkeley, CA
  691. Christopher Clark, Student, Hampshire College SJP, Western mass Coalition for Palestine, Northampton, MA
  692. Paul Solger, Underdog Unincorporated, Moxeee, WA
    Hello Jello, It’s been along time ! I see two sides to this but as someone who was frustrated about the many intertwining issues I set out to study all i could on the subject saturating around 2000 and after a few years it became quit obvious what was what. You could do some good in educating those not already aware or sympathetic to the cruelty going on in their own back yard. But you could also give a free concert for those who are suffering under a minority regime (Israeli Government) I recall the long talks we would have after gigs we played together and I know your a man of conscious  ! There may be a great opportunity here ? Will you seize it ? that is the question.
  693. Jafar, student, USA
  694. Shannon Erwin, attorney, Cambridge, MA
  695. Bernard Young, Engr, USA
  696. Raymond Leonard, Socialist Alliance, Australia
    The state of Israel is nothing but a tool of cultural and political oppression itself. We must support a cultural boycott of Israel in response to their crimes. Please do not bring your music to Tel Aviv.
  697. Zakiya, San Diego
    I’ve seen you perform and I’m a fan. Please respect this boycott.
  698. Maria Yushinsky, San Diego, CA
  699. Rebecca Shaknovich, Librarian, Washington DC
  700. Maria K. Smith, Faroe Islands
  701. Kristen Robinson, NC
  702. Rebecca Anshell-Song, San Diego, CA
  703. shana, NY
  704. Caroline Herzenberg, Chicago
  705. Morgan Gibson, Brisbane Australia
  706. Charlie Clements, Cook, Montelier, VT
    For shame.
  707. absun aachaar, tarantidun, malaysia
  708. Josh Harvey, Wisconsin, USA
  709. Lyric Croy, student activist, ny
    don’t listen to all of those bullshit politicians.  zionism is an ideological excuse for capitalist countries’ power plays in the arab world!
  710. Anthony Dowling, Ireland
  711. sofia lamouchi, torhout
  712. Tim Casebolt, San Diego, Ca.
  713. Jon Booth, Tadamon!, Montreal
  714. Conor Tomas Reed, NYC
  715. Birch Bricker, 95658
  716. Anne Tsoulis, Australia
  717. katy, Producer, montreal, canada
  718. Nat Godley, Racine WI
  719. Ann Shirazi, US boat to Gaza, US
  720. Shehnaz Sheik Abdeljaber, Human Rights Activist/Student/Outreach, New Jersey
  721. Carol Weinshenker, New York City
  722. Nader Gheith, US
  723. Peter Klosterman, Fed Up with Hypocrites, Oakland, CA
  724. Richard A. Kidd, Psychotherapist, Pasadena, CA, USA
  725. Joseph Basil Carse III, Budget Asst/Angry Veteran, 15203
    Come on man. You don’t need the money (no one does/ i’ve decided years ago that everything I make over 50k goes straight to charity, but i live it at about 27k). You don’t need the exposure (When’s the last time you google dk?). If you play that gig I will hold you in the same light that I hold taylor swift and kanye in…the boozhie son of boozhie parents that by toeing the boozhie succeed and is held up as the zenith of fascistic cultural commodity. In fact, it would negate the last several decades of your work (I am the mouthiest person you’ll ever meet). So, if you play it you might as well do a gg’s promise and kill yourself on stage.
  726. Munir El Kadi, ADWC, Abu Dhabi
  727. Maureen Gelfer, Therapist, New Zealand
  728. Wahbeh, Jerusalem, PALESTINE
  729. John Gilbert, FLC-CGIL trade union, Florence, Italy
  730. josh brahinsky, gypsy jazz artist, ca
  731. megan dowsett, Student, LONDON
  732. Wouter Devroye, drummer in hardcore/punk band Dead End Sin, Leuven, Belgium
  733. Barry, Jerusalem/Palestine
  734. Nahid Gardezi, California
  735. jon bradley, London, UK
  736. azeaz nassereddean, hebron palestine
  737. David Williams, Rancho Cucamonga, CA
  738. John, AFED, US
  739. Nader A., UC Berkeley Students for Justice in Palestine, Berkeley, CA
    Jello, it’s not to late to change your mind. Stand with Palestine. Stand with the oppressed. The “extremists on both sides” argument doesn’t work when you have one state oppressing an entire people based on race. The Israeli occupation of Palestine is institutional, state extremism. Help us bring it to an end so all the people of the land can live together in peace regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, gender, or sexual preference.
  740. Sally Eberhardt, Theaters Against War, New York, NY
    “The artist must elect to fight for freedom or slavery. I have made my choice.  I had no alternative.” – Paul Robeson
  741. Kasha Bornstein, No More Deaths, United States
  742. alison duval, student, paris
  743. Seán Mac Raighnaille, unemployable, Ireland
  744. Michael Batchelder, Solar power engineer, Redwood City, California USA
    I cannot understand, given your political views, why you would not stand with oppressed peoples.  Please do not go.  As big a fan of your music and commentary as I am, this is just too much of a reversal.  I would have to toss the DK’s albums I’ve lovingly saved since the early 80′s…
  745. Michael Fiorentino, San Francisco, CA
    Don’t cross the picket line!
  746. treasa hickey, ipsc, ireland
  747. Peter Kenny, Social Worker/Musician, Australia
    I am in a band called SLUB, that originated in Melbourne, Australia, in the mid eighties. We are a loud politic, art, industrial and blues influenced rock band. The remaining three members are still active in politics and responsible for spreading this fb petition across the web in Australia. We are also active supporting so called ‘illegal refugees’ who hit our shores via rickety boats from such places as Palestine and of course Afghanistan, Iraq, Sri Lanka, Pakistan China ect. Please support this cause. I know you are raising funds on your tour and you are trying to do good. Please consider.
  748. Rafaela, student, Greece
  749. Masar Sakr, Derwood, MD
  750. Miranda ter Hofstede, Netherlands
  751. Alex Lauwens, Zemst – Belgium
  752. Oisín Ó Cuilleanáin, Baile Atha Cliath
  753. Áine McLaughlin, Housewife, Tyrone, Ireland
    Don’t support apartheid and the illegal occupation of the Palestinians! OR THE ILLEGAL OCCUPATION OF THE 6 COUTIES OF THE NORTH OF IRELAND
  754. Eamonn O’Riain, Ireland
    jesus, they all sell out in the end, some just take longer than others!!
  755. Thomas Good, Photographer/photojournalist and producer, New York City
  756. Heleen Witte, Nurse, Nederland
  757. martin faherty, england
  758. Ciaran heaphey, Dublin
  759. james letten, somerset (uk)
  760. Lyla Denburg, Marda Permaculture Farm, West Bank, Palestine
    New Jersey punk scene raised me; taught me electric bass & drum set.
  761. Tom McVitie, Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Scotland
    Way to sell out Jello.
  762. Lidewij, the Netherlands
  763. Jason Bechtel, San Diego, CA, USA
    stay human
  764. Sebastian Clare, United Left Alliance, Dublin
    Demand justice for all. Freedom for Palestine
  765. Ayala Shani, Tel Aviv, Israel
  766. Paula Wheeland, Orchestra Manager, Washington, DC
    We all must support an end to occupation and apartheid in Palestine, in any way we can.
  767. clifford ebert, musician, chicago
    This fightin has gone on for too long.it is not fair.Why do jewish settlers,insist on displacing people that have lived on this land for centuries.Palestine needs a state. they need to stop eating up land and share it equally.
  768. marian larsen, denmark
  769. Stan, United States
    Jello, You of all people?! So disappointed. Didn’t know you were a PEP, like most of Music Industry.
  770. Cynthia Carrera, Texas
  771. Geoffrey Dobbins, Journalist (freelance), Cincinnati, OH
  772. Sonia Tejada, Teacher, NYC
  773. fatmazehrabetul, New York
  774. Jason Yawn, musician, Washington D.C.
  775. John Drabinski, Massachusetts
  776. boikutt, Musician, Palestine
    Producer and MC; based in Occupied Palestine, surrounded by the Israeli Apartheid Wall. member of audio-visual group Tashweesh and former member of hip-hop group Ramallah Underground.
  777. Nydia Leaf, Retired Educator, New York City
  778. nick, Journalist and Freelance Writer, san francisco
    “If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.” South African Archbishop Desmond Tutu, supporter of the Palestinian call for a cultural boycott of Israel
  779. Rosa Paterna, Italia
  780. Evan Johnston, Student, Toronto, ON, Canada
  781. Emma Klein, Dancer, Seattle, wa USA
  782. Bushra A., Detroit Michigan
  783. Richard Wark, Jewish Voice for Peace, Chicago
    As a long-time fan (I love your version of Love Me I’m a Liberal), I strongly hope that you will not violate the call from Palestinian civil society.  Please note that this is a political not a religious issue. I am Jewish and know that this cultural boycott is in the tradition of the Jewish values I learned as a child.
  784. Diane Conti Tuncay, Educator, Turkey
    support the global BDS movement against the terrorist zionist entity. don’t entertain genocidal psychopaths. the world is watching you. don’t let Palestine down.
  785. Ian Mooney, United Kingdom
  786. Antony Schofield, Unison, England
  787. Alex Tipping, United Kingdom
    Just appalled that you’ve got this one so wrong, Jello. We’ll pay for your fact-finding, no worries. You have no business entertaining the citizens of this nation, you’re revealed as no better than the Sun City crowd, entertaining the oppressor in the old apartheid state. Nice.  Hope you find it in yourself to admit you’ve got this wrong. B/D/S, FTW.
  788. Kane Kalmbacher, Fort Worth, TX
  789. Daniel Jones, Salford, England
    How to lose decades of goodwill with one selfish action.   Jello, mate, are you really going to eviscerate your dignity by performing like a circus act in the apartheid state?  Shame on you.
  790. Greta Berlin, Retired, Los Angeles
    How could you even CONSIDER playing in Israel. What are they paying you to sell out?
  791. Kte Foley, UK
  792. Briana Urena-Ravelo, Social activist, Kentwood, Michigan
  793. Amber Michel, Students for a Free Palestine, Saint Paul, MN
  794. Louis Olivia, London
  795. Charlie Fuzz, Citizens’ advocate, Manchester, England
    I’ve just deleted all your music from my collection. It just sounds hollow now.
  796. Russ Greenleaf, Jewish Voice for Peace, Louisville, Kentucky
    Do the right thing, man.
  797. Tanya, Montreal
  798. Ashera Buhite, United States
    c’mon jello! don’t be that guy.
  799. Thomas Pearce, Louisville KY
  800. Kelly Mulligan, Waitress, Chicago
    How can a person who got so many people into radical politics play a show in ISRAEL of all places? Why not just go to S. Africa during apartheid and play a concert for the Dutch? Or you could go to Sudan and play a concert for the warlords there maybe.
  801. Thomas Stack, Tufts University Students for Justice in Palestine, Hingham, MA, USA
    What happened to the days when Jello Biafra had integrity in punk rock and political opposition? If Mr. Biafra has the slightest respect for the ideas and fans which made him great, I urge him to cancel his Israel show. By performing, he is supporting an Israeli cultural and economic system which oppresses millions of Palestinians u…nder occupation and in ghettos and refugee camps, or living as second class citizens in Israel itself. By cancelling and joining the BDS movement, he can help end Israeli appartheid in much the same way South African apartheid was brought to its knees. As a long time fan, I urge Mr. Biafra to reconsider his decision to play in Israel. Otherwise, he may have just lost another supporter.
  802. Kim Blake, Coventry, UK
  803. Holly Jones, Clark University Students for Palestinian Rights, United States
  804. Razia, UK
  805. Irina Ceric, Global Balkans Network, Toronto
  806. Sonja devries, filmmaker, Kentucky
  807. David Lott, Kentucky Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression, Louisville, Kentucky
  808. Alice Rothchild, American Jews for a Just Peace, Boston, Ma, USA
  809. Courtney, Olympia, WA
  810. nick shimmin, editor, australia
    jello, have been a fan for many many years, but no longer.  i was in the occupied territories for two weeks last month, and came away convinced that the only way to stop the ethnic cleansing is to rigorously apply the boycott.  ethnic cleansing is not too strong a term.  if you want to make a statement and find out how things are, why not paly a free gig in ramallah?  that would be easy to organise, even i could set it up for you…
  811. rik, Academia, Media, Washington, DC
    Unless this performance is directly supporting the oppressed…Or is intended to expose and thereby educate those who are complicit in criminal inhumanity, you know this performance will undermine your political authority, your influence, and will tarnish your legacy.
  812. Heather tenzer, NYC
  813. Briana Salomone, United States
  814. Nicole Solomon, Nanny, writer, film maker, Brooklyn
    As a long time fan, I truly hope you will change your mind and do the right thing.
  815. clb, engineer, united states
    if you are going to perform in palestine, then you should perform in gaza making it a free concert.
  816. Alima Catellacci, Hampshire College Students for Justice in Palestine, Northampton, MA
  817. Kole Kilibarda, Toronto
    Don’t play for apartheid!
  818. Cory, Bound Together and IWW, Oakland
  819. Stephanie Frizzell, IWW, Olympia, Wa
  820. Noah Zweig, grad student, Santa Barbara, CA
  821. Eric Kerl, ISO, Chicago, IL
    The rebellious aesthetic of DK and punk rock were foundational for me and many political activists of my generation. Even more than with the attitude, we valued the integrity of the punk ethos. Jello seems to be forgetting this part of the equation though! stand with us biafra our STFU.
  822. Dexter, South Africa
  823. Chuck Stemke, San Diego
  824. Trish Kahle, Writer and Activist, Greensboro, NC
  825. Dustin Simons, Chicago, IL
  826. Derek Ide, Toledo, Ohio
  827. erek seidenglanz, Play Play Play, Inc. san francisco
    i run a non profit deadicated to art and culturer called play play play inc. please think this over man
  828. aidan kriese, austin, tx
  829. Áine Ní Sheac, Béal Feirste, Éire, Saoirse don Phalaistín anois.
  830. Lamiya, New York
  831. say, Student, United Kingdom
  832. Michelle, Texas
  833. debbie southorn, Palestine Solidarity Group, chicago, IL
  834. Nadine, Chicago
  835. Aser Mir, Student, Birmingham
    Free Palestine! Shame on you Jello! Time = Money! Your time in Israel = A Palestinian life lost! Think!
  836. Hana Lewis, Autonomous, Olympia, Washington
    Palestine’s recognition as an independent state and freedom from the constrictive hell they’ve been kept in since the US brusquely shoved them aside to make way for Israel hinges upon the continued support of our global community. Our food co-op out here has just started selling Palestinian Olive Oil. We have to do what we can – large and small to make it clear that we don’t support imperialism. Those with the ability to make a greater impact – who care – should make no bones about publicizing their opinions. They speak for us all. We’re just not all being listened to.
  837. Jane Bark, USA
  838. Sarah Kanbar, United States
  839. Richard Kuipers, Writer, Sydney Australia
    Come on Jello! You’ve been a hero to us all for so long and playing this gig is as bad as playing Sun City way back when. Please don’t do it.
  840. Mike Medow, co-founder and business manager, Emergence Media www.emergencemedia.org, Detroit
  841. Ahmad Hasan, Student United States
    Take a stand against apartheid! Your personal loss by canceling would be resolute compared to the political achievement for justice you can make in such a crazy world like ours.
  842. diaen, florida
  843. Rob K, NYC
  844. Paz Navarro, Physician Assistant, Berkeley, CA
  845. Steven Herrin, United States
  846. Adam Matlock, musician, new haven, ct
  847. Jenna Bifar, Hampshire College, new york
  848. Frederico Freitas, Palo Alto, CA, US of A
  849. Matt Spurlock, Brooklyn, NY
  850. Sergei, Aerospace Engineer, California, USA
  851. Ravi Khanna, Dir. of Development, Malden, MA
  852. vic, san francisco
  853. Joel Foster, Teacher, Allston, Ma
  854. Aosan, Student, Canada
  855. Andrew Kensington, Builder, Wellington, New Zealand
    Regardless of who your audience in Israel is, performing there is a propaganda opportunity for the Israeli authourities and a snub to all those who have fought and sacrificed in the name of justice for the Palestinian people.
  856. Marie Miessler, teacher, Albany, Ca
  857. Nour Chida
  858. Jurdak, Australia
  859. leonor meireles, portugal
  860. Patrick Clohessy, Social Worker, toronto, Canada
  861. tara, usa
  862. Libor Von Schonau, Co-founder of Art and Struggle, NYC
  863. An Peeters, Palestina Solidariteit, Belgium
  864. Marcy Newman, Lebanon
  865. andrej grubacic, lecturer, san francisco art institute, san francisco
  866. Ine Pieters, Belgium
  867. Aida M, Vocalist of DETOX, a Lebanes punk band www.myspace.com/detoxlb, Beirut, Lebanon
    I don’t even want to sign this because I consider you ridiculous for the words you have said/written regarding your choice. All it shows us is that every word that ever came out of your mouth was just for show. Don’t forget that every person in the crowd in Tel Aviv is forced to join the army. You are just encouraging more apathy among the punks there.
    We in Lebanon never had a punk band play here, and it makes us fight harder for our beliefs, and find our own meaning of what punk is (and you have… no, HAD alot of fans here). Israeli punks should also pay for the murderous actions of their government since 1948, by having to fight the injustices that they have become blinded or apathetic to, rather then being able to get drunk on weekends and watch more and more bands from outside come play their hits and support the Occupation.
    What you big punk bands don’t know is that your music means more to us in times of war and chaos, then it does in the West. You can change your mind and play Lebanon instead, but for now all respect for you is lost. Also, whatever legacy you had is completely gone, you are just a celebrity.
  868. Magda, Belgrade, Serbia
  869. eoin o’riain, tattooist, kerry ireland
  870. eran razgour, Israel
  871. Rana Hassan, Beirut
  872. Patrick Scott, National Union of Journalists, London, England
  873. Luiz, free worker, Brasil
  874. Helena Kaspiri, Journalist, Athens-Greece
  875. Sand Lee, International Peace, Australia
    My son is in a political punk band and I support him. Cultural boycott is important when a government commits hideous crimes against humanity.
  876. Justin, Australia
  877. Tapash, London BDS, London
    Please, think about humanity.
  878. michael beakey, ipsc, ireland
  879. John V Gallagher, Technician, Malin Head Donegal Ireland
    Everybody with a tenth of a heart should boycott israel for the daily war crimes they are committing.
  880. evan, leftandcorrect.com, australia
  881. rodney hearne, australia
  882. Stephen DeVoy, Computer Scientist, The Peoples Republic of New England
  883. Liann Slaughter, Canada
  884. Benjamin Solah, Socialist Alternative (Australia), Melbourne, Australia
  885. Margo, Australia
  886. Kerri Hendo, College Teacher, Melbourne Australia
  887. pam, PSC, london
  888. joyce burstein, United States
  889. Chris Sherriff, Toronto
  890. Ian Barnard, Associate Professor of English, California State University, Northridge
  891. Scarlett Milan, London
  892. Suad Hassan, Student, UK
    Support justice and freedom for all… Boycott Israeli Apartheid!!
  893. Arezu, Wespac, NY, NY
  894. Angel Rodriguez Macias, 15M buenos aires, buenos aires Argentina
  895. James Malonee, Former fan, Wisconsin
  896. Hilal, university student, Turkey
  897. Boss Tender, the fragrant woods of northern ca
    Jello????   say it aint so
  898. vishnupad, academic, delhi
  899. Maria, Architectural Designer, London
  900. Michael Poulin, Booking Agency, Spokane, WA
  901. Del Pickup, Socialist Party, UK
    I have followed Jello Biafra since I was a teenager, a little over 20 years. I am very concerned to learn of these plans and feel this flies in the face of everything I thought he stood for. Jello please do not betray the Palestinian People!
  902. declan mallon, drummer, ireland
  903. Ben, Fan, Belgium
    Please, don’t disappoint me.
  904. Brian Bean, Chicago, IL
  905. Carl Zaisser, Teacher, Vienna, Austria
    I though Jello and the DKs were so cool when I saw them at the Reggae Lounge in NY in the 1980s.  Yeah, in the BLACK Reggae Lounge.  But with so little political perspicacity, I definitely don’t think Jello is much of a cool guy at all.  Wake up, DUDE!
  906. Ahmed Diaa, NY
  907. Azlan McLennan Students for Palestine Melbourne.
    Completely unacceptable Biafra. You’re a hypocrite and a scab.
  908. glenn mclean, gardener, Canada
  909. Amy McMurtrie, community work, Sydney, Australia
  910. Nicole Barakat, Artist, Australia
  911. Tanya Serisier, Australia
  912. christine, montreal
  913. maree, Australia
    All together, every one of us can make a difference to the Palestinians.
  914. greg, Australia
  915. Paul Lindsay, Manager, London
  916. Herzel Yerushalmi, Artist/Psychologist, NJ
  917. Anthony Alessandrini, Brooklyn, NY
  918. Andrew Kirk, student/precarious worker, Washington, DC
    Look at what happened after Justin Bieber’s visit: it is nigh-impossible not to politicize your appearance. Please consider the implications of your playing a show here, and consider the many others who have already opted not to do so.
  919. Lindsey Devenyi, Northampton, Massachusetts
  920. Aram Falsafi, Seattle, WA
    I believe your statement that you are torn on the issue. Maybe this will help convince you: the Palestinians are calling for this boycott. And we should take our lead from them, rather than try to decide what is best for them.  Thanks for your years of committment to justice.
  921. nelson ross laguna, IWW, Ottowa
  922. Thomas Lauritzen, Los Angeles, CA, US
  923. Ignacio Mendez, Musician, Hamburg, Germany
    I play in a band calles Agarrate Katalina. Willing to play in Palestine.
    All important international organizations like Amnesty International, Greenpeace, etc. should join to break Gaza’s siege with  the second flotilla.
  924. Mike, Physician, OG Constitution
    Jello, think about this man.  Ive been a fan since 82′.  Much of my work globally I can attribute to your incredibly insightful lyrics and my early introduction to social justice.   GTFO Israel brother, that is bad JuJu. I am directly affiliated with “Doctors Without Borders”, 42 years old, and honestly “bummed” to having come across this petition,…you are better than that JB.   <3 Mike
  925. Savanna Batten, Activist, Texas
  926. Julian Fine, Massachusetts
    The Dead Kennedys were one of the foundations of my world view and fostered my political awareness growing up. It was bad enough to find out you were playing this show but to see you justify it with talk of soul searching and how playing a gig in Tel Aviv would somehow enlighten you to the full scope of what is happening in Palestine so you could enlighten other Westerners? DK would have had a field day writing songs about how full of shit that is.
  927. Harrison Hickock, Designer, Chicago
    If yuo’re not now, you never were.
  928. Graeme Bacque, Toronto, Canada
  929. claire, sydney
  930. Farah Rowaysati, Youth Against Normalization, United States
  931. Moe, Jordan
    Please do NOT support apartheid by performing in Israel!
  932. Shadi Fadda, Academic, Bosnia and Herzegovina
    Performing in Israel will simply show their public that everything is OK, and that their governments’ Apartheid policy towards Palestinian people is acceptable and let go. Please don’t send such a message?
  933. alan goater, care support worker, Shrewsbury, UK
    Pull out now – you won’t like having to live with the shame
  934. Diana Alzeer, Journalist, Ramallah, Palestine
  935. Rosanna Eid, Visual Artist, Sydney Australia
  936. zeina, student, belfast
  937. Jeff Kulen-Smith, High School Teacher/School Music Specialist, Geraldton Australia
  938. Ultan Monahan, Dublin, Ireland
  939. Dusty, Teacher, Texas
    Two words Jello….Come on……..come on
  940. Julie Southerland, ISO, Greensboro, NC
  941. Eddie, New Jersey
  942. Domino Eastmint, F&AM, Massachusetts
  943. Anna Guiot, España
  944. Dara, Dublin
  945. Torbjörn, Umeå, Sweden
  946. Sherman Brennan, Norman, OK, USA
  947. Tony Buontempo, Linden New Jersey
  948. Brigid Mulligan, Anti Fascist, england
  949. Beth Atim, Minneapolis
  950. James D, Bay Area
    One last push Jello, say no to two tier societies!
  951. Barbara Salomon, Portland, OR
    If you cross the line, I have no choice but to boycott you.
  952. Sam Lewis Forbes, Teacher, Toronto
  953. Kelsey Kaufmann, Milwaukee, WI
  954. Wahibe Moussa, University of Melbourne, Australia
  955. liza xaralampidou, athens
  956. jenny brazil, Dublin, Ireland
  957. Matt Bree, Ireland
  958. Fergus Maitland, Scotland
  959. toni jimenez, CHEF, dundalk, IRELAND
  960. Carl ferris, Éire
  961. Norman Koerner, teacher, Philadelphia
    Say it ain’t so Jello – listen to Archbishop Tutu ! why would you respect the South Africa boycott (remember Israel’s  material support for apartheid!)  and not the boycott of Israel? Please change your mind – it’s not too late.
  962. Paul Dean, Direct Support Professional for people with Developmental Disabilities member of International Socialist Organization
  963. Mahmoud, sailor, uae
    change the world, one person at a time
  964. Bec Hynek, Student activist, artist and punk, Sydney, Australia
    I am a Jewish anti-Zionist and have always looked up to you and your music, until your recent decision to break the global picket line and play in Tel Aviv, making a clear statement of support for apartheid. It desecrates the memory of my grandparents in the holocaust, and spits on the holocaust ceremony line ‘never again’ and reneges on all of the brilliant songs with strong principles that you have ever sung. SHAME!
  965. Douglas Freedman, Prospect Heights, Illinois
  966. Liam Ward,film-maker, socialist, trade union delegate, Melbourne Australia
    Jello you should be ashamed of yourself. Right now hundreds of thousands of people all around the world are actively trying to build a movement in solidarity with the Palestinians. Answering the call to boycott Israel is the definitive moral and political task of today. Here in Melbourne over recent months several hundred of us faced off against violent cops in successful pickets of two businesses that profit from apartheid and occupation: Jericho Cosmetics who steal minerals from the Dead Sea (internationally recognised as Palestinian territory); and Max Brenner Chocolates who provide confectionary to “sweeten the lives of the soldiers” who harass, assault and even murder Palestinians on a daily basis. So while we’re here on the other side of the world doing what we can and getting bashed by cops for daring to take a principled stand, I hope you have a fun old time providing the soundtrack for genocide in Tel Aviv.
  967. Ross Brennan, Galway Ireland
    Inconceivable – would a Jello circa 1980 even contemplate such a thing?
  968. Bill Linville, teacher, New York City
  969. Greg Morin, programmer, activist, United States
  970. Frederick Abdilla, Permapunks, Malta
  971. Adambo, Australian Services Union, Melbourne
    Israel is US capital’s biggest weapon for controlling the resources and tens of millions of lives of Middle East. Support justice by not scabbing on the BDS campaign.
  972. Mahira, Sheikh, Fair Trade Cooperative, Malta
  973. Chad Pearson, Huntsville, Al
  974. Alex Kueny, Gurnee, IL
    I’m not a musician myself but I love punk music and everything it stands for.
  975. Brian O’Connell, Musician, Teacher & Activist, Boston
    C’mon Jello, don’t play Tel Aviv. Hit Cairo instead!
  976. Paul Hubbard, video production – Internaitonal Socialist Organization, USA
  977. conor messinger, International Socialist Organization, Washington, DC
  978. Eva Suarez, Washington, DC
    Jello Biafra- your music has always critically spoken truth to power about injustice. Please practice what you’ve preached-people look up to you!
  979. Bryan McCann, Detroit, MI, USA
    Punk rock is one of the reasons I became a political activist, participating in fights for labor rights and to abolish the death penalty. Dead Kennedys was one of the bands that inspired me most deeply. The prospect of Jello Biafra violating the cultural boycott of Israel is heartbreaking and extremely disappointing. Come on, Jell, live up to your legacy!
  980. Owen, New York City
    Wow, what a disappointment Jello. Your music was such an inspiration and a radical impulse for me growing up, it transformed me from a passive oppositionalist to a full time activist. Don’t betray that legacy.
  981. dan sharber, houston
    respect the boycott!!
  982. MaLychi Casper, san francisco, ca, international socialist organization
  983. Graham Smith, Geneva
    Israel is fighting the law and Israel is winning…
  984. Michael Reilly, Oakland
  985. Jimbo, Leicester
    Its like some kind of sick joke… I have nothing else to say
  986. Sam Ewert, Portland
  987. josh yoder, philadelphia, PA
  988. Aaron Petcoff, Retail Employee, Detroit, MI
    Just say no, Jello! Boycott Israeli and support Palestinian liberation!
  989. Alli McCracken, Washington, DC, CODEPINK: Women for Peace
  990. Lucia Anne Kalinosky, Student, Cleveland, OH
  991. Mohamad Yamak, Student, Calgary, Canada
    Stand for justice!!!
  992. Tom Arabia, saxophonist and electronic musician, against occupation, United States
    Jello’s statements have been appallingly dim. My god, it’s as if he doesn’t know the issue at all. JELLO DON’T BE A FUCKING SCAB FOR GODDAMN RACIST APARTHEID, MAN!
  993. Katheryn Brooks, International Socialist Org, Portland, OR
  994. Gareth Miles, MC SKS de Arrowhead, South Wales
    Defying the boycott to play in Israel would be a shame, a disgrace and a complete betrayal of everything that the Dead Kennedys and the whole punk rock ethos are supposed to represent.
  995. Bret Grote, Pittsburgh, PA
    why would you even consider this?
  996. N Hanif, Legal Research Fellow, London
  997. Jason Wins, worker, drummer, Oakland
  998. James Welch, London, UK
  999. Rob Parker, Buckhannon, WV
  1000. Jemima Whyatt, Artist & Teacher, Falmouth, England
  1001. John Kirkland, Philadelphia, PA
    Please don’t play in an apartheid state.
  1002. Alexis Stern, New York, NY
    Please, Jello. I’ve been a fan of your music since i can remember and i’m shocked that you’d even think of crossing a picket line. Don’t do it!
  1003. lena t, Canada
  1004. Isshaq Al-barbary, Student, Palestine
  1005. Hanin Bearat, Arizona, USA
    Please cancel your show for the sake of justice, for the sake of equality, for the sake of humanity…
  1006. Jibran, Pittsburgh, PA
  1007. Dave Rine, another unemployed American worker, Columbus, Ohio
  1008. Shandi R Rine, Student, United States
  1009. Barry Healy, Socialist Alliance, Green Left Weekly, Perth, Western Australia
    With the rise of the “Arab Spring” democracy movment across the Middle East now is the time, more than ever, to support the BDS movement in opposition to the oppression of the Palestinians.
  1010. Tim Iserman, Portland, OR
  1011. Kate Daher, Pittsburgh Palestine Solidarity Committee, Pittsburgh, PA
    I’m not in a band but I teach at an arts school and my students are some of the most progressive anywhere in the world. What on earth are you thinking?
  1012. Edith Wilson, retired, Pittsburgh, PA, USA
  1013. Edward Briody, Brookyln for Peace, New York City
  1014. Joel Flores, Workers International League/International Marxist Tendency, Texas
  1015. John Buckley, Dublin, Ireland
  1016. Nick Ospa, Philadelphia
  1017. Susanne Stensson, Borås, Sweden
  1018. Ricardo Lopez, Peru
  1019. Eric Verlo, Musician, The Pretty Pleasers, Colorado
  1020. David Curtis, Brooklyn, NY
  1021. Logeen Seblani, Canada
  1022. Kevin Power, ISO, Ewing, NJ
  1023. mlaverdiere, troublemaker, virginia beach
  1024. Hammam Farah, student, journalist, support worker, Toronto, Canada
    I’m from Gaza. My family lives in the ghettos of Gaza City. Please cancel your trip to Israel.
  1025. Matthe Constanti, Massachusetts, USA
  1026. Jesse Zearle, Educator, Brooklyn
  1027. Mana Sato, Kyoto, Japan
    Respect the BDS, don’t go to Israel!
  1028. Defiance Faliha, retired booking agent, DJ, music producer, USA
  1029. Dan Klein, Brooklyn, NYC
    I’m in the Facts and the Frighteners, and I would NEVER play in Israel because fuck apartheid. Shame on the Israelis for using the Holocaust as an excuse for turning into the same kind of fascists that threatened their very existence only one generation removed. I say this as a Jew who grew up in a family full of Holocaust survivors. No one should ever have to go through what they did.
  1030. Malcolm J. Chaddock, Member, Veterans for Peace, United States
  1031. Bob Perillo, Guatemala
    Don’t be a scab for apartheid.
  1032. Evan, Salem, OR
    Aging gracefully into punk history doesn’t have to come at the cost of your integrity.
  1033. Jonathan Lee Cizek, bassist/vocalist for SAME-SEX DICTATOR, Seattle, WA
  1034. Andrew Preston, Canada
  1035. Mickey O’Connor, USA
  1036. Timotyh McKasty, Brooklyn
  1037. El-Farouk Khaki, Toronto
  1038. Carlin, Latin American Solidarity, Mexico
  1039. Craig Lewis, Counselor, Boston
  1040. Andy Hoffman, educator, Salt Lake City
  1041. Andrea Zubani, Photographer, Australia
  1042. Justin Gerringer, San Jacinto, CA
  1043. Fred Falzon, France
    Don’t entertain a racist child-murdering State!
  1044. Billy Cockroach, TV director and singer in punk band Cockroach Clan, Norway
  1045. Scott Kornfehl, Detail Associate, Gilroy, CA
    Really Jello, do we really have to explain to you why? You do know better!
  1046. Eddie Tencza, Madison Heights, Virginia
  1047. Bengt Calmeyer, special education teacher, Former member of Norway’s finest – Turbonegro, Oslo, Norway
  1048. Jerry K, Norway
  1049. Brage Aronsen, Norway
  1050. ildiko, activist, budapest
    play somewhere else where you would not have to close your eyes from witnessing human rights violations
  1051. Annah Foden, France
  1052. Natasha Stojanovic, Student, Vienna, Austria
    make a stand for human rights!
  1053. Fidaa J. Baarli, The Norwegian Centre against Racism, Norway
    I have always loved punk music and Jello Biafra. I’m a Palestinian myself and I chose this profession to fight racism and injustice. What I want and wish for is that all people of every colour, religion and sexual orientation will live in peace. Justice for all!
  1054. Michael Volodarsky, Israel
    No free-pass to brutal occupation and apartheid!
  1055. Assel, Prague
  1056. Greg Timony, Ireland
    I call for a boycott of all murderous, repressive and apartheid like regimes like Israel and Syria
  1057. Ali Hocine Dimerdji, United Kingdom
  1058. larthurs, toronto
  1059. ben ronen, Jaffa, Palestine
  1060. jiji voronka, Toronto, Ont
  1061. David Hostetter, West Virginia
  1062. Rotem. TEL AVIV. “israel”
  1063. Nevin Sabet, NY, USA
  1064. jeannette hanna, California, USA
  1065. Wasiq Sheikh, U.K.
  1066. Dylan, student and member of Brooklyn-based indie rock band, Young Jimmy, NYC
  1067. Ilse Rumes, NY
  1068. Haithem El-Zabri, Palestine Online Store, Austin, TX
    We sell music CD’s of artists who stand for human rights and social justice. Obviously, Jello wouldn’t be one of these if he goes ahead with the gig.
    Have a spine, and do the right thing! You will lose so many fans otherwise..
  1069. Erin Breault, Teacher/PSC, Pittsburgh PA
  1070. Dan Ellquist, member of Doomsday Cauldron, WorldViewWarfare, and others, Milwaukee, IMPERIAL STATES OF AMERICA
  1071. Michael LaPorte, usa
  1072. Joanette Brookes, Florida
  1073. Adonis El-Jamal, Student, Toronto, Canada
    Wake up and speak to real Palestinian activists and do some real research before claiming to know the political make up of Palestinian and Israeli societies. Shed the colonial mentality of the white outsider knowing whats best for the people being oppressed. Learn what solidarity truly means, and maybe I’ll take you seriously as a punk artist again.
  1074. Iman Hammad, Student, Houston, TX
    No to Apartheid.
  1075. Amir Sarajevo, journalism
  1076. Diana Nader, Argentina
  1077. Colin, England
    If you play apartheid you’ll be standing on the wrong side of history.
  1078. Eileen Dobratz, Pittsburgh, PA
    Please do this for the sake of peace. If peace does not come soon, it will be a long long time.  And it will not come soon without a little pressure.  Thanks much!
  1079. Maat Oguntunde, Designer, Brooklyn, NY
    None of us can afford to ride the fence on this issue-what they are doing IS and has been wrong since the beginning of it.
  1080. Daniel Salomão Roque, Sao Paulo, Brazil
    Playing in Tel Aviv is worse than sell your songs to a Levis add.
  1081. garry, Driver, Scotland
    Dont make the biggest mistake of your career, so many have been influenced by you that this would be a massive stab in the back to all of them, We cant all be wrong !!!
  1082. Tom Tyborowski, Canada
  1083. Noam Gur, Israel-Palestine
    Punk should be on the right side of history. Don’t play for apartheid and occupation.
  1084. anarchist black cross melbourne, melbourne
  1085. Basheer Shamma, UK
    Jello, please don’t be fooled into thinking this is a balanced conflict on religious/ethnic grounds. It is not. It is a simple case of injustice, of the oppressor denying the weaker group their basic human rights. You have a case where the Israeli state has the military might and financial support from craven Western governments to brutally mistreat the non-Jewish demographic of Israel (boy, do they ever use it), that often lives in extreme poverty and that has virtually no international recognition or physical capability of threatening Israel’s ‘security’. This injustice at the hands of the Israeli State takes many forms: from house demolitions through to ethnic cleansing; targeted assassinations and military strikes in civilian areas; humiliating checkpoints and harsh restrictions of movement; and an imposition of a large wall in the West Bank (Palestinian territory to which Israel has no right under international law) that cuts off farmland and resources from Palestinian communities and divides them into destitute bantustans, to name just a few. What more do you need to see in order to realise that this is Apartheid and Colonial Terror at their most destructive? Please do not accept money to play in Israel, Jello. Listen to your heart.
  1086. Ramzi, California
    If you go ahead with this, you will be a fucking hypocrite.
  1087. Brian RichardsSan Antonio, TX
  1088. Ken Barrios, Berkeley, CA
    Common, Jello. I can’t believe this petition even had to be put up in the first place! Down with occupation! Down with apartheid!
  1089. van gestel, belgium
  1090. Mary E., Int’l Solidarity Movement, Oakland, CA
    Wow, I can’t believe that you of all people, wouldn’t honor this boycott.
  1091. James Tanner, Swansea, UK
  1092. Dean B. Steeber, Union Carpenter, Sacramento
    This issue is the keystone to future world peace!!
  1093. Emerson Tung, Students for Palestine, Melbourne
  1094. mario diaz, USA
  1095. Matthew Purnell, Brooklyn, NY
  1096. Brad Collins, New Direction Fest
  1097. Joanna Levy, Jewish Voice for Peace, Olympia, Washington
  1098. barry navone, Legion of Dynamic Dyscord, oregon
    jello, i love you, don’t take this badly, but fuck apartheid, and fuck all of it’s supporters!
  1099. severin murphy, taqwacore biker, socal, usa
    come on jello, really?! tel aviv?! this is not what you have stood for all these years~! play in palestine instead! kill the rich, eat the poor, and vice versa! xoxo
  1100. Daniel DeRock, Iowa City, IA
  1101. uri agnon, Musician and Activist, member of Yasamba – Jerusalem rhythm of resistance band
  1102. Jennifer Latheef, HR Defender, Malaysia
    Self Determination is a basic right all people should have. The world has watched for way too long while Israel has acted with impunity. To make a difference we all have to take individual steps… you have the power to make a difference, if u so will… to just listen to the voices of reason…speaking of BDS Israel. Every peoples have a right to a life of dignity. And the might of the Israeli govt is no match for a people who have lost everything.
  1103. Cormac, London
  1104. Sara, Somerset, England
    Its an endorsement of apartheid to play there.
  1105. Robert Cook, Sydney, Australia
  1106. Greg DeSylva, Rhineback, NY
  1107. Marc Fox, Leeds
  1108. Juliana Smith, Artist, Palestine
  1109. Billie Austin, Long Beach, CA
  1110. Betty Carr, Denver, Colorado, USA
  1111. francesca antinucci, Italia
  1112. Chad Lottinville, Lawrence, KS
  1113. Robert Sacco, teacher, Italia
  1114. Arianna Cominu, Oristano (Italy)
  1115. Renato Tretola, Italy
  1116. Anas Amireh, Fort Lauderdale, FL
  1117. Karen Nakamura, California
  1118. rodolfo greco, milan
  1119. Jennifer Matsui, Tokyo
  1120. matty, uk
  1121. sana, United States
  1122. Keith Creech, Georgia
    Not sure how much of a difference this will make, but I’ll help you out.
  1123. sara, social assistant, italy
  1124. Anisa Abd el Fattah, NAMAW, Washington DC
  1125. prawn, uk
    Please don’t make this mistake, I learnt much more from my dead kennedys albums than I ever did at school- and so it continued up until now, don’t make all that music void of meaning to me by doing this gig, it’s your integrity that makes your music so powerful to many of us.
  1126. Laraine Frederick, UK
  1127. Holly Llewellyn, Lifetime Punk for Peace, Michigan
  1128. Ruman Kazi, Actor/Musician/Certified Public Accountant, Saint Louis/New York City
    I’ve played in bands—and while we were not overtly political in any way, we used integrity as our measuring stick of what shows to play and who to work with.  We would pass up this show.
    C’mon, Jello. For real.
  1129. Leora Harris, New York
  1130. Tom Pessah, Israel
    people in Gaza are drinking sewage and are being denied basic medical care, so your fans in Israel can afford to miss one concert. Seriously – only through pressure like this will things change here.
  1131. Camilla Hansson, Sweden
  1132. Andrew weston, england
    Stay a legend, don’t go :)
  1133. Ricarda Sammaneh, writer, Minnesota
  1134. Diane Warth, Iowa, USA
  1135. Liz Carzello, Chicago
  1136. Dylan Munds, Freedom Fighter, drummer, Dublin Ireland
  1137. Sami Elkhayri, me, Canada
  1138. fifi leigh, california
  1139. elaine, artist/single parent/activist, brighton
  1140. Dan Scarlett, musician, USA
  1142. Trev Clarke, Human, UK
    Not music, theatre :o )
  1143. shari stevens, san francisco
  1144. Jimmy Johnson, Neged Neshek, Detroit, MI
    Do not play for an apartheid audience. Palestinians from the OPT cannot even attend without a special permit. Gil Scott Heron (baruch dayan haemet) choose not to even though he badly needed the money. What’s your reason?
  1145. Russell Jenkins, Driver, Nottingham
    I play a punk ukulele. Currently working on Zionist Punks Fuck Off
    Don’t do it jello!
  1146. Charlie Clements, Writer, Montpelier, VT
  1147. ruth gilburt, United Kingdom
  1148. Louis P Burns aka Lugh, Owner of Upstate Renegade Productions, Independent (voluntary) media producer, musician, and songwriter, GB
    Come on Jello – Don’t become a sell out at this late stage in the game.  You have been an inspiration to millions but if you play Tel Aviv you will not just be letting yourself down.  You will be letting many of your admirers and fans down too, as well as giving the Zionist state of Israel an opportunity to revel in claims that you support the barbarity and inhumanity, plus multiple war crimes in Gaza / Palestine.
  1149. Michelle Uche, Solidarity, ATX
    Sir, please do not play Israel. I know, I know, capital has a hold on you, but while the Palestinians are being oppressed we should do all we can to let Israel know that oppression is not tolerated. As an activist you should know by now that when you do not challenge wrong-doing you are giving it your stamp of approval. You are a great musician, your insight on events in the world through your music helped to open my eyes to fucked up situations in the world when I was a young punk. Now I am an adult punk and I see your actions are not aligned with your inspirational message. Be a good leader and do not play Israel.
  1150. Paula Orloff, California
    Global Exchange, Interfaith Peace Builders, Holy Land Trust and other NGO’s sponsor work trips and informational trips to Palestine. There are also many world wide Jewish, Palestinian and Religious organizations for Palestinian Rights. I can mail you a somewhat updated list. Read the book, The Lemon Tree which gives a history of the transfer of almost 80% of Palestine to Israel through the eyes of the offspring of two families, A Palestinian and a Jewish family and the house that both families lived in, first the Palestinian family that built it; they the Jewish family that moved in after the Palestinian family was forced out.  This is a true story, and the two offspring of the two families are still alive.  By the way, the DVD, the Lemon Tree is a different story but gives a  piece of the issues raised in the lemon tree. I hope you use your talents and your position to promote peace with justice for Palestine.  Most Americans get a very limited picture thru the US mainstream media and the pressures of AIPAC lobby.  Do some research.  I hope you get Democracy Now in your email and Read the articles on Israel-Palestine in Common Dreams. org.  There is also GRIT TV and Real News among others.
  1151. Juan Esguerra, Italy
  1152. Rob Johnston, Cardiff
  1153. Faruk Kutlu, entrepreneur, Belarus
    Singing punk alone is not enough. You need to carry the soul of punk, by standing against tyranny.
  1154. Karen Clarke, USA
  1155. Elliott Colla, former singer, Uniform Choice, Georgetown University, Washington, DC
    Jello –If you decide to sing “Israel Über Alles” in Tel Aviv, you’ll find a lot of people singing along with you. But they won’t be singing it ironically.
  1156. Luxereau, France
  1157. Yeou-Shiuh Hsu, Princeton, NJ, USA
    Please don’t play apartheid Israel, Jello Biafra! Speaking as a Straight Edge Hardcore Punk, I appeal to your ideals and your principles — we have been a movement of anti-authority because we see clearly the abuses of authoritarianism to oppress, marginalize, exploit subsets of our societies. Punk has helped guide my moral compass, and I implore that you too will take stock in the direction of your compass needle.
  1158. Marsu, Crash Disques (label), Paris, France
    Crash Disques is a French alternative label with concerned bands, mostly from the Punk Scene. I am also a member of the CCC (Collectif Contre-Culture) in Paris, which organizes benefit gigs (in favor of non-proffit organizations, alternative places in Europe or causes like Chiapas, Palestine, anti-racism & anti-fascism…) As a fan of Jello, I just can tell him NOT to play in Israel, or at least, if he does it, to play only for anti-apartheid organizations !
  1159. Naeem Yar, Cardiff
  1160. Sarah Armstrong, St John’s NL
  1161. Andrew, Village Idiot, US
    Poor choice, playing Gaza far more appropriate
  1162. Sarah Jeanne Lombardo, Oakland, CA
  1163. keith falkiner, journalist, dublin ireland
  1164. Hannah Rose, UK
  1165. Jaymes Winell, Fort Collins, Colorado
  1166. Mary Mathai, Switzerland
  1167. Farid Sleiman, Agriculture Engineer, Lebanon
  1168. Sofia, London
  1169. santiago gonzalez, comite solidarida causa arabe, alcobendas
  1170. Noah Lepawsky, International Jewish Anti-zionist Network, Chiacgo Il
  1171. Michael Quinn, Crewe
  1172. Hind, Occupied Palestine
    Don’t play Israeli apartheid!
  1173. Doris Ghannam, BDS Group Berlin, Germany
  1174. Eva Smagacz, brighton
  1175. Iara, human, galicia
  1176. alessandro, free lance, rome
  1177. Megan, DIY feminist punk group Condenada, Chicago
  1178. Tom Costigan, Ireland
    He like$ money it’$ clear. It’s his conscience that’s cloudy, no matter the amount of self hypnosis. Punk …Ass
  1179. Valentina Antinucci, Student, Roma
  1180. Camilla Royle, United Kingdom
  1181. Sarah Levy, Portland, OR
  1182. Matthew, Philly BDS, Philadelphia, PA
  1183. Ethan Boyles, University of Washington, United States
  1184. Susan Landau, Philly BDS, Philadelphia PA USA
  1185. Helen Beyene, london
    Boycott Israel please….don’t ignore the suffering of innocent Palestinians.
  1186. valerio, Rome, Italy
    no jello no no, no jello no no!!!!!!!!
  1187. Nicholas Hay, writer/artist, United States
  1188. Cody d’Entremont, Student, Canada

Please note – there are often more signatures in our inboxes than are currently visible at any given moment. They’re coming in fast and we’re adding them as quickly as we can!

van dyck geert
  1. “Tutu calls on Cape Town Opera to call off Israel tour”, http://www.politicsweb.co.za/politicsweb/view/politicsweb/en/page71639?oid=207379&sn=Detail&pid=71639 []

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